London Lights Up: Lumiere Is Back In Town

London literally gets lit for one of the most magical nights of the year. The Lumiere London lights festival will turn the city into a fabulous menagerie of bright creatures, with huge, daring displays that will surely fill us with child-like wonder.

Aside from light statues and other constructions, London’s most emblematic buildings will have wondrous projections shining over them, transforming them into gigantic, three-dimensional canvases.

Now, of course you’ll need to wait until it’s dark to see the festival at its best, so why don’t you let us entertain you while you wait for the sun to set? See how you can make a full weekend of it;

Oh What A Beautiful Morning

Why don’t you jump into the Time Bus for a wonderful and historically accurate tour of the Big Smoke? Get to know the past of the landscape you will see utterly transformed by night time!

If you’d rather concentrate on your breakfast (you’ll need to fuel up for all that walking around you’re going to be doing from Friday til Sunday), The Dayroom’s Cafe has a breakfast menu that will kick-start your morning for sure, all super healthy options so you don’t break any New Year resolutions.

Sunny Afternoon

For Saturday you might want to check out the lights at the Southbank display, so we propose you treat yourselves to a beautiful Belgian lunch in Auberge, or perhaps you are in the mood for something more casual? Then your venue is Crust Bros, a groovy pizza place right off Waterloo station. Top up your lunch or dinner with a cheeky drink at both places thanks to our Cheers 2018 app.

The Last One, Then We Go

Drinks, anyone? The nights are cold, and you could do with a warm-up that has nothing to do with the gym. So before you wander around, get a tipple at Foundation, in Covent Garden. Their drinks menu is inspired on the Tarot, and you will certainly find good fortune at the end of your glass!

All these merchants, and many more, available with fabulous buy one, get one free opportunities in the ENTERTAINER UK 2018. Make sure you get yours, so you can finally see the light! Until next week!


Amanda Rosowski