La Station Lane Crawford’s Creme Brulee Cappuccino

La Station Lane Crawford has an irresistible draw. This coffee shop, ensconced in Hong Kong’s famed, luxury department store, is of course known for excellent coffee. But beyond the first visit and after the first cuppa, there’s something greater that pulls people back. We realised after meeting the team – Merwann, Pete and Katherine – and hearing about the serendipitous turn of events that brought together diverse folks who share a love of coffee, it’s the people behind La Station that keeps us coming back.

La Station Lane Crawford

We like Tsim Sha Tsui for many reasons. Great shopping. The Avenue of Stars. The Symphony of Lights. The Star Ferry pier. Unbeatable views of the Hong Kong skyline. Ad infinitum! But with all these amazing things concentrated in one place, Tsim Sha Tsui can get very hectic! The founders of gourmet café La Station not only understood the need for a hideaway from TST’s maddening crowds. They also understood the comfort that an exquisite cup of coffee brings. So they combined the two and the result is a bright and modern La Station inside Harbour City’s Lane Crawford.

The ENTERTAINER team took a break from filling our phone galleries with selfies in front of the harbour and filled it with photos documenting our creme brulee cappuccino experience in La Station instead.

From the design-worthy interiors featuring lots of Instagrammable corners to pretty desserts in the glass displays to our meticulously crafted cups of coffee, everything was perfect. But it wasn’t until we sipped our coffee that we truly appreciated this haven amidst the chaos of one of our city’s most bustling areas.

This is one station you wouldn’t want to miss. Stop by for a cuppa or sample their lunch set with buy one get one free offers from the ENTERTAINER.

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