Wheee! Wish You Were Here!

Paragliding over urban hills, gazing down like a bird over Hong Kong’s famed skyscrapers… Can you just imagine the sense of awe and wonder that would inspire?

Adventure may not be the first word people think of when someone mentions Hong Kong, but it is present and thriving in a city commonly associated with towering skyscrapers. No, we’re not talking about walking around in Mongkok in the rain on a Friday night and trying not to get poked in the eye with someone’s umbrella. That’s a different kind of adventure. We’re talking about the kind that gets your adrenaline pumping, your blood rushing and lets you explore Hong Kong’s outdoors, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

So whether you’re the type who likes living life on the fast lane or you’re keen to trade your desk job for a change of pace at least for a few days, we rounded up five activities for you to choose from to quench your thirst for thrill.

Paragliding & More HK Thrills


If you’ve ever wished you had flying as a superpower, this is your chance to make it come true. Tandem paragliding is the perfect introduction to the free flying sport of paragliding as it is suitable for complete beginners. Both the pilot and the passenger sit in their own harness, with the pilot behind the passenger. The harnesses are attached together and strapped to a glider aircraft. Launched by running, wind is this unpowered craft’s best friend so the experience may include a bit of waiting for the right wind condition. Check out HongKong Hike’n’Fly for an adventure that’s exhilarating, scary and beautiful all at once!

Scuba Diving

You read it right! Take the plunge and discover the territory’s underwater world. You’ll probably be surprised at the sea creatures and marine life you might find, like Nemo the clownfish! Take a Discover Scuba Dive course to see how comfortable you are breathing underwater first or get a full on Open Water Diving License offered by many PADI-certified dive shops scattered in the city.

Rock Climbing

Reach new heights scaling the city’s cliffs and crags and prepare to see some breathtaking views. Rock climbing is an activity that requires climbing up rock formations or artificial rock walls to reach the summit without falling.

There are a number of local rock climbing groups on MeetUp. To prepare, seek guidance from professionals to avoid accidents and injury. Consider taking a Rock Climbing Group Class first at Verm City. It’s buy one get one free (save HKD250) on your ENTERTAINER App.

Ziplining and Abseiling

Give your tired feet a break from hiking. Instead glide from a cliff down to the opposite hill, zipping high above ocean views and lush greenery. You’re first attached to a cable. Gravity then propels you to get from one platform to the next. That’s ziplining. Abseiling is a controlled vertical drop. LOL! To best enjoy both, start with a leap of faith and harness your adventurous spirit. Send Gordon a WhatsApp at +852 6977 1160 to arrange an unforgettable outing.

Quad Biking

Are you down to get dirty? Let your friends eat your dust as you speed past them on a quad bike. A quad bike is a 3 or 4-wheeled vehicle straddled by a rider who uses a handlebar for steering. Beginners can rely on the stability of these 3- to 4-wheelers. But experienced riders can opt for a dirt or a pro bike. MXClub in Sheung Shui offers 30-minute to 3-hour bike rentals.