5 Instagram Accounts That Will Make You Fall In Love With Hong Kong

Our dear Hong Kong or #homekong as it is lovingly called these days is a melting pot of different cultures, a fusion of the old and the new, and a muse for some of the most creative people in the world. These people see the mundane things we do everyday and the usual places we go to in a different light and from an unexpected perspective – a crossroads, your office building on a sunny day, a bowl of noodles, what you see in a puddle after the rain, the view from your rooftop. Lucky for us, they capture these images in photos that they snap and share on social media, enabling us to appreciate and discover all the things we didn’t even know existed in our city.

Here are 5 Instagram accounts that inspire us to go out and start snapping:

Edward Barnieh | @edwardkb

A TV executive who moved to Hong Kong 3 years ago, Ed’s Instagram account showcases the urban landscape in HK – bright and colorful neon lights, interesting shapes formed by clusters of high-rise buildings, street scenes and portraits that tell a story, and unique architectural angles.

Daniel Lau | @daniel___lau

Have you ever been up on your rooftop? Chances are, Daniel Lau has. Daniel is one of the trio founders of Exthetics, a group of daredevils who take shots of Hong Kong atop skyscrapers that are hundreds of meters high. The result? Mind-blowing images.


This is the Instagram account of the Hong Kong Tourism Board and their posts celebrate the unique character of this world-class city – from traditional Cantonese food like egg tarts to snaps of famous landmarks like the HK Observation wheel and cultural events like the Lantern Festival. They encourage people to hashtag them when they post photos taken in Hong Kong and if they think your photo is Instagram-worthy, they will repost it.

Nicole Fung & Eugene Kan | @thatfoodcray

Grab some tissue because this account will make your mouth water. As their name suggests, Nicole Fung and Eugene Kan document their “cray cray” food experiences through visually appetizing photos and entertaining pun-ny captions. You will discover some hidden food gems in HK through their posts.

Nuno Assis| @nunoassis

Portuguese Nuno Assis’s photos show that there’s more to Hong Kong than the Big Buddha and the skyline. His photos reflect the architect’s eye for symmetry and composition. We totally dig his love for reflection, especially the puddle series.

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