Weekend Ideas Series: Mong Kok

One of the most popular and iconic areas in Hong Kong, with its guidebook staple Ladies Market and postcard-worthy neon lights, Mong Kok is a place that needs no introduction. Whether you were looking for HK souvenirs, cheap clothes and sneakers, some quirky lingerie, or you simply needed to get your phone repaired, you have been a face in the intimidatingly huge Mong Kok crowd at least once.

But Mong Kok isn’t just haggling central. Here are 5 ways to get a completely different experience in the popular shopping destination:

Enjoy street performances in Sai Yeung Choi Street

This street, sometimes called “HK’s Akihabara,” referring to the famous shopping district in Tokyo, is closed to motorized traffic at certain hours from afternoon to night on weekends, which turns it into a temporary performance venue for magicians, buskers, jugglers and dancers. Let Sai Yeung Choi Street show you that Hong Kong’s got talent!

Take a stroll through Goldfish Market

Walk over to Tung Choi Street North to see Mong Kok’s mini Ocean Park. From plants to lighting equipment and tank maintenance materials, it has everything an aquarium hobbyist needs. If you don’t have a tank yet, you might just go home with one as watching the different species of beautiful fishes in various colors and sizes swimming in the tanks will give you a sense of calm. Feng shui masters will tell you it brings luck to your home too!

Go street food snacking

Walking in Mong Kok will make you hungry, especially cause going from place to place means you have to take baby steps as you flow with the browsing crowd. Kill the hunger pangs by stuffing your face with greasy, delicious, deep fried street food. We don’t even need to tell you where it is, just follow the scent of the stinky tofu. There’s a ton of different snacks to try, but our favorites are the battered octopus legs and dace fish cake stuffed peppers. Not feeling the grease? Grab a bag of the easy to eat egg waffle or a peanut butter and condensed milk-filled waffle.

Treat yourself to ice cream at Check-In Tokyo

Take a break from the smothering Mong Kok crowd and check into Check-In Tokyo for an icy treat. Try the Rainbow cone – a serving of 4 different flavors combined in one cone. There’s Hokkaido Milk, Uji Matcha, Ramune and the flavor of the month. Lick fast though, as it melts quickly on extra hot days. The soft serve ice cream goodness is meant for your mouth, not for the ground!

Take a trendy coffeeshop in – Urban Coffee Roaster

Escape the Mongkok mob and duck into Urban Coffee Roaster. This industrial style café is the perfect hideaway for when you need a bit of calm away from the madness of the street markets. Chill and enjoy a top quality cuppa with 2 for 1 offers from the ENTERTAINER.

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