Get Fit For 2017 – 5 Alternatives To The Gym!

Is the thought of heading to the gym and doing the same old workout starting to feel monotonous? If you’re nodding then here are some cool and wacky alternatives guaranteed to keep you fighting fit in 2017!

BBounce Studio

Been feeling restless lately? Join the fun at Singapore’s first hybrid rebounding fitness studio! They offer trampoline and suspension bands inspired workouts, specially designed for the fastest results in weight loss and body sculpting. Having tried many classes, we can assure you its high intensity, non-stop action and loads of fun!

Scuba People

If you’re an overactive person who can’t slow down or experiences stress, diving is known to be great for meditating and unwinding. Keeping you fit and healthy, whilst strengthening core muscles and swimming skills. So If you’ve always wanted to learn, pop down to the Scuba People, and get yourself equipped with skills ranging from leisure to technical diving.

Spartans Boxing Club

According to their mantra , ‘the Spartan culture was that of honour, fitness and courage – virtues that are integral to Spartans Boxing Club’. Sounds very ‘Game of Thrones’, that may be, but boxing has been known to give a full body work out, effective cardio and increase endurance. Not to mention the sense of discipline and agility it nurtures. What’s great about Spartans Boxing Club, is its inclusive and inviting environment, labelled as a sport for all. Be it the entire family – male or female, young and old alike!

Aqua Spin

What we enjoyed about our Aqua workout, is its high-intensity low impact nature. You get to combine cycling while being partially submerged in water for a really unique experience. Also, it doesn’t matter if you’re an avid cyclist or not, it’s safe, outdoors and invigorating. Think it’s time to ditch your gym gear for swimwear!

Wavehouse Sentosa

Have you ever dreamt about surfing on huge waves, impressing everyone with your mad skills? You can definitely go about doing just that at Sentosa’s Wavehouse where you can’t go wrong with exhilarating big waves alongside heart-racing music! Surfing is and continues to be renowned for improving balance, increasing strength and flexibility.

If you fancy picking up a new sport in 2017 or simply boxing, swimming or jumping your way to fitness, don’t forget to use the ENTERTAINER app and enjoy 1-for-1 deals on classes, memberships, personal training sessions and much more!


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