What is ENTERTAINER Cheers?

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Cheers is the best friend you never had offering Buy One Get One Free drinks in the city’s hottest bars, restaurants and nightspots. So, whether you fancy a single beverage or a bottle, Cheers offers a variety of 2-for-1 drinks, from cocktails, bubbly, buckets of hops and much more.

Please note Cheers follows the same old rules as the other ENTERTAINER products. The golden rules to remember are:

  • There are three 2-for-1 offers per merchant, which you can enjoy 7 days a week (excluding public holidays).
  • A maximum of 4 offers can be used per booking/table/group.
  • This remains the same no matter what product the offer is from. For example, a group of 4 people can redeem 2 Cheers offers, or they can redeem 1 Cheers offer and 1 main course offer – using 2 offers in total.


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