How many offers can I use at one time?

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The general rule for the “Buy One Get One Free” Offers is as follows:

One Offer can be used by two people, up to a maximum of four Offers per visit/booking/table for a group of eight people or more.


This rule applies in every case, no matter what the Offer’s product is. For example, a group of four people can redeem two Main Course Offers at a restaurant, or instead they can redeem one Cheers Offer and one Main Course Offer. So, a maximum of two Offers can be used in total.

However, there’s a few exceptions to this rule because:

    1. Beauty & Fitness Offers can be used in two ways:
      • One Offer can be used by two people within the same visit, with the second treatment or service being free of charge.
      • One Offer can also be used by one person, where the full price will be paid on the first treatment/service and then the second visit will be free of charge. The merchant will provide a voucher on the first visit to be used on another visit. Please note that the complimentary voucher for the treatment/service must be used within the Offer validity period. It also non-transferable and cannot be issued as a gift voucher.
    1. The “Discount” Offers can be used for one visit against the service/item mentioned on the voucher. No need to bring a partner and you are also not obligated to a second visit should you go on your own.
    2. . Also, certain Offers in the Retail & Services category may be used by one person. These particular Offers will begin with “Invites you…” rather than “You and a guest are invited…”. They can Similar to the Beauty & Fitness Offers, when using a Retail & Services Offer individually, you’ll pay the full price upfront on your first service and then the second will be free of charge. Please keep in mind the complimentary service needs to be used within the Offer validity period.

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