Meet The Faces Behind The Places

Let’s face it London is a special and unique place.

A place where the bustling streets are full of life, diversity is celebrated, and creativity is nurtured. I think you’ll all agree that London is impossibly infectious. Combine that with the numerous restaurants to tempt those taste buds, countless bars on offer to mix up those after work drinks, spectacular architecture, and much more, there is nowhere quite like it.

Since 2014 the ENTERTAINER has been passionate about bringing you the hottest deals from across the city. Including the best things to see, eat and do. However, we believe that the very foundations of London are built on much more than just what meets the eye. For that reason, we’ve been busy over the last few months meeting all of the different personalities that continue to keep London interesting and diverse. These include the chefs, the bartenders, the fitness instructors, the bloggers, and all of the other people who make up our very heart and soul.

We’ve met so many lovely people with different backgrounds and personalities, but one thing that remains is the same heartfelt drive and passion behind our favourite London sights. So, go ahead and get to know them all.

We think you may just fall in love with them a little.