Flab To Fab: Become Fitter Than a Fiddle At These 3 Mega Fun Gyms

It is said that perspiration are tears your fats are crying out. But at these gyms, every pore in you might be smiling instead because they pack in so much fun you’ll forget you’re actually working your muscles. Slip on your lycra, leave your inhibitions (and pre-workout dreads) behind and grab a buddy if you have to. Fitness is very, very infectious here and you might leave with a constant thirst for more ‘fat crying’.

Studio 360 Fitness

There are no stones left unturned at this gym. In terms of workout classes, the Studio 360 Fitness has everything from High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), indoor cycling and core conditioning to TRX, Body Combat and pilates. Those who like the idea of killing two birds with one stone – dancing while losing the paunch— will also like the line-up of dance classes available as well.

Studio 360 is probably one of those smart gyms that harness the power of the pack mentality in big ways, because – as you will see when you check them out – one of their core strengths lies in intensive group exercise classes to make sure you’re not going about your fitness goals alone.

The gym’s band of 30 instructors has had extensive experiences at both mega gyms and modest studios and they conduct daily classes, up to 80 (!) a week.

JR Fitness

Conveniently located at Bugis, everything about JR Fitness is big on the energy and you can’t help but get absorbed into it. Part of it is drawn from their new Les Mills classes (Body Combat, Sh’bam) that bring great pumping tunes into the workout, while the rest is just your ra-ra never-say-die instructors at work. JR Fitness has other popular classes you can sign up for, such as Zumba Fitness, Kpop X Fitness, piloxing, kickboxing and yoga. The way we look at it, this gym is well-suited for pretty much anyone regardless of age, gender and of course, weight.

Bounce INC

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a ninja warrior is like? Or your favourite rooftop leaping superhero? Wonder no more, because you can live it out for yourself at Bounce INC. This is Singapore’s largest indoor trampoline arena where both adults and kids can leap, flip and, well, bounce across the space under a safe and controlled environment. The variations of gravity-defying stunts you can perform is only as limited as your imagination.

What we’d really recommend you to try out is Bounce INC’s latest launch called Saturday Night Jams – a weekly three-hour program designed to bring a whole new meaning to Saturday Night Fever. Imagine yourself at a rave with banging tunes and pulsating strobe lights, and then combine that with 24,000 square feet worth of trampolines for you too, as Kris Kross would tell you, ‘Jump Jump!’

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