Top 5 Steak Restaurants To Get Your Meaty Fix

Top 5 Steak Restaurants To Get Your Meaty Fix Now
Because it’s a steak out! With so many diners in Singapore – from casual bistros to the almost-Michelin stars — offering tantalizingly seared steaks on their menus, this particular main course that was once exclusive to special occasions is now widely available even for spontaneous lunches. Armed with nothing but growling stomachs, we went out and scouted five steakhouses to entertain our fiendish appetites.
Now, it is your turn to entertain yours.

Bedrock Bar & Grill
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Sitting at the base of Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, Bedrock Bar & Grill exudes a sleek, cosy ambience that makes for just the right setting for a steak dinner date. The selections you see on the award-winning menu are put through earthy techniques like wood grilling and smoking – and rubbing in spices for that extra flair – before arriving on your table. While you are sawing away at your meat, you probably won’t know that behind the grill is a backstory of extensive gastronomical travels. It was only through experiencing Spanish dinner parties, late-night brasseries in New York and Paris, and simple cooking at afternoon eateries in Sydney and San Francisco that Bedrock Bar & Grill came to form the backbone of good steak dining.
Bedrock Bar & Grill prominently features traditional whiskies as well as classic whisky cocktails to pair your meals.

Billy Bombers
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This should be your call if you want to dig into a value-for-money steak meal. Billy Bombers, an unmistakably retro American diner with red vinyl dining booths and jukeboxes, is known more for their generously portioned BBQ ribs and burgers. But you can get an air-flown sirloin steak for slightly more than $20, complete with potato salad and creamed spinach. Top it off with their signature milkshakes, baked brownies and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to go full American (and full food coma).

Fat Cow
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The health and self-image associations of ‘Fat’ on the human body is not what you would expect on cows. Quite the contrary, it signifies luxury and indulgence, which translates into a more well-fed you. The Japanese-inspired steakhouse offers a bespoke dining experience; guests can enjoy a carefully curated selection of Wagyu and a wide variety of preparation methods like Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki, Hobayaki or Sumibiyaki (charcoal grill).
As you let out a sigh of satisfaction at the end of the beef course, it would be a mis-steak not to hop on over to the Fat Cow bar, where a list of Japanese-styled cocktails, whiskies, sake and shochu infusions awaits.

Portico Prime
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You’d be getting nothing but prime cuts when you dine in at Dempsey Hill’s Portico Prime. As the one steakhouse concept among the three under Portico Group, the chefs behind it work on the premise of serving only what they would serve guests in their own home: simple, yet really good. The a la carte menu features a specially segmented ‘Beef on the wagon’ for steak lovers; you can choose between New Zealand Rib Eye, Thomas Food Tenderloin, USDA Aurora Rib Eye, Japan Kagoshima Sirloin and more. Your choice of steak comes with baby asparagus, grain mustard mashed potatoes and red wine jus.
Within the last two years alone, Portico Prime has been awarded Chope’s Diner’s Choice Awards New Restaurant of the Year 2014, OpenRice’s Top Ten Best New Restaurants of 2014 and more recently, Singapore’s Top Restaurants 2016 Award by WINE&DINE under the Modern European Category.

Red Eye Smokehouse
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The next time you are in the Jalan Besar vicinity – ok, scratch that – even if you are not in the vicinity, you might want to check out Red Eye Smokehouse for an avalanche of American BBQ and smoked meats. Red Eye sees beyond the traditional beef slab; they take other cuts just as seriously as beef steaks, and many a carnivore who has ventured here have sworn by the fatty pork jowl, black angus beef brisket, pork ribs and sausages that always seem to be sold out. Arguably, the best way to wash down all that hardcore meaty goodness is with Mikkeller on tap, bottled cult beers, spirits and ciders.

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