Flip It, Toss It, Scoff It: Pancake Day Recs

Aah, Pancake Day! That day in the year where practicality, silliness and binging on crepes come together to improve our lives. Home-made pancakes might be the bomb (who am I trying to fool, “might”? Pancakes are ALWAYS the bomb), but not all of us have time to whisk eggs, sieve flour and whatnot. Also, the kind of pancakes we want you to enjoy are best left in the hands of professionals. Case in point: 

Clive’s Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes

Fluffy, full of berries, soaked in maple syrup, Clive’s beautiful stack of all-American pancakes had to be our first entry. A good fuel to help you tackle a Monday morning, or a fantastic hungover cure for Saturday, just grab that syrup saucer, pour generously and attack. 

Cinnamon Soho‘s Spiced Up Paratha

Still flat, still flippable, always delicious, this is a slightly different take on Pancake Day noms. Cinnamon Soho’s parathas come with all sort of fillings: spicy, tangy, meaty, veggie or coconut-y (let’s pretend that’s a word). Add a fried egg to any of them for just £1 more, and we suggest you don’t go light with the pomegranate raita. 

Banana Tree‘s Coconut Stuffed Green Thai Pancake

All of you with a sweet tooth should listen carefully, because Banana Tree’s Thai crepe is a green parcel of goodness. Caramelised coconut flakes, laced with toasted sesame seeds, wrapped in a fluffy green tea pancake. Topped up with vanilla or coconut ice cream, make sure you Instagram it, because once you take the first bite it won’t last on the plate for long!

Indi.go‘s Dosa

For those who aren’t familiar with this Indian dish, a dosa is a crispy pancake made with rice and lentil batter, cooked in a special dish and topped with masala aloo and vegetables, or sometimes served just plain with chutneys. Either way it’s a great snack, full of flavour and gluten free! Indi.go has a dosa station, so you get the most genuine flavour! 

Creme de la Crepe’s… well, Crêpe

Back to tradition to finish off our rec list: head to Covent Garden for some classic French crepes! Go with the most classic lemon and sugar, or let the guys at Creme de la Crepe pile up the Nutella dollops and strawberry slices! There’s savoury options too, which means you can load your crepe with so. much. cheese. 

Grab a friend and take advantage of the ENTERTAINER’s Buy One, Get One Free offer, so you get to try as many of these specialties as possible, and happy pancaking! 


Amanda Rosowski
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