Cooking Over Flame at Crft Pit

Calling all meat lovers! Rumor has it there’s finally an American Southern style smokehouse in the city, and it’s not one of the bbq pits in Deep Water Bay. It is, however, in the Southern District as well.

So we backed up a little bit and sought help from our carnivorous noses to find the source of that intoxicating smoky aroma. Our noses brought us to the industrial neighborhood of Ap Lei Chau, where an unassuming building houses Crft Pit, the artisanal smoked meat and butcher experts. Crft Pit uses different types of wood to impart various flavours to their organic meats like sausages, chicken, turkey, ribs and beef brisket. The meat is cooked on low, even heat for hours in an industrial-grade rotisserie smoker until it’s tender enough that it melts off the bone. But before it goes in the smoker, the meat is generously dressed in homemade rubs and sauces to give an element of depth to its flavor.

Licking your screens yet? Then head to CRFT PIT to enjoy their artisanal meat fare while watching the masters at work in their open kitchen style restaurant or out on their ocean view terrace, with buy one get one free offers from the ENTERTAINER.

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