Top Indoor Activities with Kids in Hong Kong

Living in a subtropical city like Hong Kong means unpredictable weather conditions with occasional showers and typhoons, which may unfortunately force you to cancel that trip to the zoo you promised your little one. But just because the rain won’t go away, doesn’t mean the kids (and parents!) can’t play.

Here are our top 5 indoor activities guaranteed to make the kiddos go, “zoo? What zoo?” in an instant:

JC Square

Let your kids reach new heights in HK’s premier kid climbing school. Sign them up for a trial class, or better yet, join in on the fun by booking a family climb. If your kid screams for more, enroll her in a regular course, where she can acquire techniques to help her develop her Spidergirl potential.


This 14,000 sq ft indoor playground gives “epic” a whole new meaning with the largest indoor slides in Asia, trampolines, climbing walls, mini golf, sports courts, laser tag, interactive games and a toddler area for your tiny tots.

Jungle Paradise Studio

Your little circus fanatics will go wild at the sight of the hanging hoops and silks in this studio. They will develop flexibility, grace, balance, and boost their confidence through fun acrobatics, in the capable hands of professionally trained instructors.


If your kids are bouncing off the walls from too much candy, take them to BounceInc! There’s no better way for them to burn all that sugar than to catapult themselves high up in the air from one of the 80 interconnected trampolines. Watch your little Kobe finally make that elusive slam dunk!


Let your kid unleash his inner Picasso and take a peek into his imagination through his work of art. With a huge paint buffet, a blank canvas and a paintbrush, who knows where his creative juices might take him! It’s not artjamming if no one is jamming, so jam with your kid and create masterpieces of your own.

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