Born To Run: Get Fit For The London Marathon

Some people have started to get their shorts, headbands or, in some cases, costumes ironed for the London Marathon. Meanwhile,  for most of us the only challenge after Easter IS to find all the remaining chocolate eggs hidden around the house.

Well, we’re not having any of that! Fair enough, we won’t ask you to run for 26.2 miles, but there’s plenty of new and snazzy ways of burning off all those Malteaster Bunnies. Top motivation tip from the ENTERTAINER, since you always get a Buy One Get One Free offer using our app, you can take a friend with you! If you can’t convince them (we don’t know about your friends, but ours are on the lazy spectrum), you can always bank your extra session!

Fitness Fusions

This studio in the heart of Clapham offers several different classes, but our favourites are still Hot Yoga and Reformer Pilates. Out with all toxins, and stretch muscles you didn’t know you had. At first the Reformer might look a bit like a medieval torture device, but soon you’ll feel its benefits!


Sporting the acronym for Pilates and High Intensity Interval Training, Phiit offers a varied range of barre routines, pilates fusion and other classes to focus on your cardiovascular health and core strength. Get a Buy One Get One Free on the single drop-in session, or try all disciplines with a five class package!

Urban Krav Maga

Urban Krav Maga focuses on defending you from the most common street attacks, with moves that are designed to end a confrontation before it begins. Moreover, its techniques can be used, regardless of your size and strength, which makes this discipline super suitable for female self-defense!

Remember, get your ENTERTAINER app and unlock hundreds of Buy One Get One Free opportunities all over London! Happy weekend!


Amanda Rosowski

من قبل