The Best Kids Activities In Malaysia

Often wondered why Malaysia is such a popular destination for families?

Well, it’s pretty close by, and can be surprisingly cheaper! But how do you keep your little ones entertained, active and unglued from their Ipads! With lots of leisure activities available on the ENTERTAINER Malaysia App, here are Top 3 picks guaranteed to make them smile!

Jungle Gym

This is truly a jungle adventure in the heart of the city … Your children can engage in free play, have fun and learn at the same time. Modelled after natural jungle beauty, this indoor amusement venue is meant to bring kids the vibe of nature with wonderful games like ball pools, basketball and airguns. Their play facilities are suitable for toddlers aged below 2 and for ages 2 – 12, created to international safety standard. By the way, if you have older kids that have “outgrown” the Jungle Gym, you can entertain them at the in-line skating rink where they can rollerblade, or learn how to. With 2 outlets on the ENTERTAINER, Bangsar Shopping Centre and Atria Shopping Gallery, both offering buy one, free one deals on admission tickets, you’re sure to save lots!

Sunway Pyramid Ice  

Is undoubtedly Malaysia’s first world-class ice sports entertainment,  and located within the Sunway Pyramid Mall. A popular recreational destination attracting approximately 15,000 skaters of all ages – monthly. Their sleek rink and modern design creates an open view for shoppers on all five levels to watch the skaters in action. It’s a great place for everyone to enjoy whether you’re an ice skating enthusiast or lacing up your skates for the first time!

Kizsports & Gym

With a playland designed with great thought and care, your little one can enjoy the slides, tunnels and obstacle courses to the fullest. They also offer enrichment classes that contribute to character building and social development. The 3 outlets featured on the ENTERTAINER Malaysia App are in Main Place MallGreat Eastern Mall and in Bangsar Village II. Watch your kids enjoy a range of fun activities carefully planned and monitored by trained professionals.

The good news is you can Travel More, Save More and Spend Less with the ENTERTAINER! Don’t forget to grab your ENTERTAINER Malaysia App, and enjoy awesome Buy One Free One offers, on admission tickets at all the venues mentioned above!


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