Weekend Tips: Mad For Manchester

Manchester stands out for many Britons and tourists alike, and for many different reasons. For a start, Manchester can boast about having some astounding firsts: the boom of textile manufacturing made it the first industrialised city in the world, and where do you think scientists first split the atom? Exactly.

And yes, it has not given birth to the Beatles, like neighbouring Liverpool did, but it is an absolute cradle of music icons on its own right. Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Smiths, Joy Division, Simply Red, Take That, Bee Gees… Any genre, any decade! It is perhaps this groovy background that makes Manchester such a great city for going out.

Adding Manc to our ENTERTAINER UK app felt like quite the milestone, even more because of the amazing venues we’ve got there! But here, let us show you:

Stage & Radio

Live music, craft beer and pizza, those are the three pillars that hold together this restaurant and club in the Northern Quarter, possibly the trendiest and coolest place to be seen on a weekend in Manchester (you heard it here first!) Have a slice and a cold one with your mates, and then to the dance-floor!

Jimmy’s NQ

Following up with your very dancey evening, Jimmy’s NQ is minutes away, and their cocktails and gigs are good enough to keep you head-banging all night long!

Black Milk

Kill your hangover with the best bowl of cereal you’ll ever had at Black Milk, or maybe step up to their shake game! A number to remember is their sinful Marshmallow Rodeo Freak!Shake: a delicious, sweet, messy pint of heaven…


Sit down, relax and enjoy the game. What game? Any game! That’s why Shooters is the best sports venue in Manchester. So plan your seasons, because you’ve found your new regular spot for match night!

Buy One Get One offers in all of these great spots with the ENTERTAINER UK app! So hurry up and start planning your mancunian weekend!


Amanda Rosowski