Visit Bali, Indonesia’s Jewel

The beautiful and iconic Indonesian island of Bali is the newest addition to the Entertainer family! Known for its volcanic mountains, gorgeous beaches and stunning coral reefs, Bali is the ultimate location for a relaxing break.

Here are our top tips for first time visitors to this magnificent island, including which beaches to visit, where to dine out and the best places to relax!


Bali has world-famous beaches which are the Island’s most popular attraction. Kuta Beach is the most popular, with clear white sands and spectacular sunsets, making it a must-visit. For a different vibe away from the hustle and bustle of Kuta beach, head to tranquil Lovina, which just as sublime but always less busy.

For those who want to get active, the shorelines of Bali provide the perfect base for surfing. Bali Local Surf School teaches surfing with certified instructors who will take care of your needs.


Balinese food is irresistible. Must try dishes include Pisang Goreng, a super sweet fried banana dessert which is a local specialty. Mie Goreng is a classic Indonesian staple made of fried noodles and vegetables. It is sometimes served with prawn crackers and peanut sauce and makes a delicious meal for lunch.

A great place to sample traditional cuisine is The View Munduk. Set in Bali’s central highlands, The View provides guests with an extraordinary view of the Java Sea and the surrounding hills, alongside delicious Indonesian and Balinese dishes made from farm-fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

For a fine dining option try 360 Restaurant, a stylish rooftop venue, there are 180-degree views of an Indian Ocean amongst lush green cliffs, perfect for a special treat.


Bali is the perfect place to relax due to the idyllic surroundings, and the island offers many spas to unwind in. Visesa Balinese Healing Spa offers and holistic healing experience based on authentic Bali Usada principles. Spa Furama takes this further and offers a spa in an idyllic nature retreat, amongst serene rice paddy fields and lush greenery – ideal for total relaxation.

We hope these tips make your first taste of Bali an unforgettable experience! Until our next exploring!




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