The Best Kept Secrets in Paris

One of the most alluring parts of travel is having the chance to find the best kept secrets of a new city. Avoiding tourist stampedes and figuring out favourite haunts of the locals is a thrilling experience and much more fun than being caught in a crowd.

In this article, we’re going to be throwing away the guidebook and listing a few hidden gems you’ve got to check out when you travel to Paris.

Sightseeing Without the Crowds

We can’t stop you visiting the usual suspects of Paris – every tourist has to snap a photo by the Eiffel Tower, after all – but if you want a more intimate and peaceful day of sightseeing, here’s a few spots you might want to visit:

  • If you’re in the mood for a walk in the park and a Parisian picnic, why not visit a few of the lesser known, quieter locations dotted around the city of lights? You’ve got to check out Parc de Bercy, The Albert Kahn Gardens, or Parc Montsouris (where you’ll even be able to spot wild parrots as you lap in the gorgeous scenery).
  • In a city filled with art and history, you’d think that every educational venue would be full of constant queues. However, there are plenty of museums in Paris that aren’t as busy as you’d expect. The Museum of Modern Art is an essential visit, as is Galerie de l’instant (with their photography exhibition). If you’re in the mood for something a little darker, then definitely check out the spooky Parisian Vampire Museum.
  • One of the best ways to discover what hidden gems there are in any given city is by putting on your walking shoes and pounding the pavement. Paris is full of amazing walking routes, like along the Petite Ceinture, the old railway around Paris (now open to the public). Another beautiful walk for those wanting to live like a local is the Berge de Seine riverside promenade. This is a brilliant way to take in the city and you can even explore it on a rental bike, if you feel like making the most of your day.

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Amanda Rosowski
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