Let Us Show You Cape Town’s Lekker Side

It’s never to soon to start planning your next holiday, and for that you definitely need our fabulous travel recommendations! This time we are here to spread the word on what a great holiday destination Cape Town is, and to help us with it we have our Social Media Manager, Wesley;

You moved to London three years ago, what do you miss the most about Cape Town?

W: Eerm the weather? Not the water shortages, of course. I definitely miss the beaches. And I absolutely miss the foodie scene in Cape Town. In South Africa we have very different types of traditional food, so where London is very varied in terms of trendy food, Cape Town just has every kind of home-made African food.

What landmarks are a must-visit for anybody on holidays in Cape Town?

W: Cape Town as so many amazing places to go. For outdoorsy people we have so many routes you can take for hiking. Table Mountain is a must-see, you can either hike it, or take the cable car. Either way it’s a breath-taking experience. I would suggest also to have dinner at Mondiall, in the VNA Waterfront, the view of Table Mountain and the harbour is amazing and they have the freshest seafood.

There’s also loads of great outdoor markets, like Oranjezicht Market. And the Cape Wheel might not be as big as the London Eye, but watching the sunset from it is possibly the best thing you’ll experience. And for the entertainment to your dinners, the Cape Town Comedy Club is such a lag (laugh).

And what would you recommend to people looking for the more niche, trendy areas?

W: Cape Town is made up of quite a few different areas, and the trendiest is in the city center, so they should aim for that. A really cool place for coffee is Tribe, they have excellent blends, even their decaf is yum.  Sundowners can head over to The Odyssey, their cocktails are incredible.

South Africa is famous for the brai (grilled meat or barbecue), any place where meat lovers can have a religious experience?

W: Usually I would tell you that’s a bit of a cliche, South Africans and braai, but God, I do miss a braai. Especially because when people here think they are having a barbecue, that’s so not true. People burn things here, and they think that’s good. So do yourself a favour and visit HQ, it’s just off Buitengracht St and the queue is massive, but hang in there because they serve epic steak.

We can’t talk about brai without mentioning the wineries in Cape Town! Where should we go for top notch grapes?

W: Well, the best way to experience South African wine is to go on a wine tour. That way you see the whole process, you get to do tastings and pairings (I remember doing a sweet pairing, with chocolate, cotton candy and nougat, mind blowing) and it’s just a full-body experience. Peter Falke is the one that especially comes to mind, but all the wine tours in the ENTERTAINER are amazing.

It looks like we would have a wonderful holiday if we follow your advice! Anything else you’d like to add?

W: Just a bit of advice, Cape Town is so full of landmarks, activities and cuisines that it’s very easy to over tire yourself, so if you are visiting for a week or so, I would recommend to keep one day exclusively to relax. Ideally getting a spa treatment,  and for that I’d chose Life Day Spa.

Thank you so much Wesley, hopefully this hasn’t made you too homesick!

W: What do you think?? Haha, I think I’m going to start checking my calendar…

All of Wesley’s great suggestions are included in our brilliant Cape Town ENTERTAINER app, so make sure you download it before take off to make your South African holidays extra kief!


Amanda Rosowski