4 Ways to Enjoy Malacca

If you’re anything like us, then you’ve been to Malacca many times before. You already have your usual go-to’s whenever you visit the food heaven. But just like Ipoh and Penang, Malacca is one of those places that’s constantly updating itself with more and more wonderful places to visit and makan at.

We’ve put together a list of attractions and foodie deals from the ENTERTAINER, so you can enjoy a Malacca adventure full of inspiration and fun things to do.



Blast from the past, coming through! If you haven’t checked it out already, the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum is well worth the visit for some nostalgic and cultural vibes. Located in the old district of Malacca, it’s a 3-building structure that is well preserved, and full of historical keepsakes, giving you a sense of the opulence and culture of a pre-World War II Peranakan House.

Speaking of heritage, a must-visit coffee shop is Sin See Tai. It’s a little spot that’s off the beaten track, serving simple food and coffee. The setting is decorated with nostalgic items that take you back to the old days. In a world that keeps getting larger, it’s nice to go back to enjoy the little things that are more thoughtful, and Sin See Tai is perfect for that.


The Upside Down House is an interesting place to visit if you’re looking for some family fun. The gallery’s interior resembles that of a normal home of a typical family, but with everything upside down, of course! The details and little touches make the experience really memorable. There’s also the Cheng Ho Gallery, the ancient building inspired by Ming Dynasty’s architecture, which gives you a good taste of the Peranakan arts and culture.

After your artsy exploration, make a stop at The Calanthe Art Café on Jalan Kasturi for some wonderful brew from 13 states around Malaysia, while admiring the unique décor items adorning the walls. It’s going to be hard to choose, so why not bring some friends, and share-share? Miyakori Jonker is also a good coffee place to get your caffeine fix, especially if you love your brew with beautiful foam art that’s made for the Gram.


OK, it’s time for something a little more extreme. A Skytrex Adventure is just the thing to get your hearts racing and knees a little shaky, but the experience is so worth it and fun. Fly, swing, climb, and hop your way across obstacles from tree to tree, while being suspended in the air surrounded by our lush tropical rainforest. The friendly instructors are helpful and will take care of you all the way. You can do it!!

If you’re not up for the adventure this time, that’s fine too. You can still enjoy a little in-the-air experience as you indulge in some yummy food. Pampas Sky Dining serves delicious steaks in a relaxed environment, with a killer view of the amazing Malacca. Bring some friends and cheers to a good night.


Located a couple of minutes from the Melaka Zoo, Melaka Bird Park is the largest bird park in Asia, housing gorgeous local and international birds with attractive colours. It’s full of lush greenery with birds flying around, and some of them even dare to venture up to you to say hello, especially if you’ve got a treat or two for them. It’s a simple activity that lets you relax and enjoy a walk around the park, surrounded by the lovely sound of birds chirping.

Need more nature vibes? Give Let’s Whole Food a taste. It’s a wholesome foodie spot that gives you the healthiest and yummiest fruit and vege smoothies, juices, soy milk and more. They only use fresh ingredients to create vitamin-filled drinks and awesome dishes that simply hit the spot. Even their simple soy milk tastes wonderfully good.

Oh, Malacca. That state will always, always impress us, no matter what. We hope this list gives you some ideas on what you can do on your next trip there, with deals from the ENTERTAINER to make your trip fun-filled with savings. Purchase the app now to enjoy it. See you in Malacca!