10 Travel Photographers You Should Be Following

We might have left the January blues well behind us, but England’s grey skies have us dreaming about our next travel. And some of us might be already on our way to the next holiday, but sadly for lots of us this remains a far prospect…

What’s the next best thing? Living through the travels of others, and so we frequently take some minutes to scroll down Instagram, double-tapping our favourite travel blogger’s snaps.

Who are they, you ask? Well, let us introduce them!


Possessed by the travel bug since 1999, after a first trip to Ireland, Kash Bhattacharya has been sharing his holiday tips for the last ten years. Rummage through his website for some solid advice on backpacking and budget holidaying, and his instagram is full of heart.


Jacintha Verdegaal is a Dutch photographer and travel blogger who’s always on the lookout for hidden gems and the most genuine local cuisine. Her instagram is positively dreamy, with snaps that have that touch of magical realism.


Awarded with a Guinness World Record at the age of 24 for being the youngest person to visit all 196 countries over 5 years, James Asquith shows us the world’s beauty in all its simplicity, and it’s his lack of pretension what so charming. Like his Guinness record, his instagram account is the result of wanting to travel, and nothing else.


Allan Edward Hinton quit his Digital Marketing job to focus on his passion for photography and travel. Since then he’s successfully roamed the world and captured every step of the way. His photographs are evocative and a celebration of nature, architecture and humanity.


California-born Kiersten is not joking when she calls herself “Mother of Drones”, her aerial photographs using the latest drone tech are absolutely jaw-dropping. But it’s not just her travel pics we adore, we are massive fans of her fashion choices!


Michael Christopher Brown’s portfolio delves into the depths of photo-journalism, with a passion for documentary and social comment on contemporary conflicts. His recent work, Libyan Sugar, won the 2016 Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation First Photo-book award and the 2017 International Center of Photography Infinity Artist book award.


London-based Rosie Thomas divides her blog and instagram account between her passions: travel, fashion and food. A beautiful ode to the Big Smoke, she pays a beautiful tribute to other corners of the world too. With just a glimpse of her glamorous life you’ll soon become a fan!


Carrie Santana Da Silva is a 27-year-old with “a lot of love for junk food and pretty shoes”. She’s also crafted her instagram account into a panoply of snaps covering fashion, all things London and of course, travelling. All colour-coordinated in comforting Autumn tones that speak of sweater weather and mugs of tea in front of a fireplace.


Yaya & Lloyd‘s blog started in a room at the university of Cambridge where a bunch of guys shared their travel stories in a borderline competitive way. Five years later, Yaya and Lloyd are still country-hopping, and their feed is pretty sweet!


Shannon Hammond shares with the world the gorgeous collection of pictures she’s gathered from her travels for the last 10 years, since the awakening of her wonderfully creative side thanks to her camera.

Now, get on with that “follow” button and calm your wanderlust until your next getaway, which may be happening sooner than you expect thanks to our travel apps!

Until next time, wanderers!


Amanda Rosowski