Get To Know The Bloggers Adventure Faktory!

I’m sure you’re well aware of the duo behind Adventure Faktory.

We’ve been friends here at the ENTERTAINER with Mitch and Thuymi for a while now and have been following their blog and Instagram account for as long as we can remember. Full of need to know travel tips, exhilarating new sports, outdoor activities, and Dubai skylines, Adventure Faktory bring you everything you could possibly need to know about life in Dubai.

The couple who state they’re the complete polar opposites of each other agreed to meet us in Tribeca so we could ask them about their favourite places in Dubai. The aim? To see if they really are as different as they think they are. Would Thuymi, the self-confessed crazy artistic and creative girl from Montreal have the same interests as her health and fitness brain box Australian partner in crime Mitch?

Let’s find out!

Also, check out our second video with Adventure Faktory. Our quick-fire question round!

Make sure to check out Mitch and Thuymi’s blog Adventure Faktoryand also their Instagram account!

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