Spicy Living – A Taste of India

Calling all ‘Spice’ lovers – ever wondered just how many Indian cuisines there are in this cosmopolitan melting pot? It would be hard to list all the distinct regional ingredients and dishes across India. The sheer “density” is unlike anything we’ve seen. Needless to say we are spoilt for choice, with a range aimed at tantalising taste buds, stopping short of setting it on fire with all its spicy hotness.

So where do you go for gourmet Indian food, using authentic spices from regions like Lahore, Kabul, Multan and Patiala?

Punjab Grill?

We heard its vast menu is where ‘the everyday “sarson da saag” (a vegetarian curry made of mustard greens and spice) and “makki di roti” (a flat, unleavened bread made of corn flour) meet the secret recipes of the royal kitchens’. Sounded pretty intriguing, so with a camera crew in tow, we headed to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and met Corporate Chef – Javed Ahamad.

Warm and welcoming, he cooked classic signature dishes and showed us round the uber chic restaurant. Supremely elegant with beautiful glass, and high polished metals, inspired by the splendour of India’s Maharajas.

In our humble opinion, Punjab Grill is a ‘fine dining’ winner – but don’t take our word for it check out the video!

Is your mouth watering yet?

If you like what you see, and fancy some delicious Indian spice, pop down to Punjab Grill. Don’t forget to use your ENTERTAINER App to enjoy fabulous Buy One Get One Free offers on all their main courses!