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Super Sneaky ENTERTAINER 2018 Secrets
Super Sneaky ENTERTAINER 2018 Secrets

New year, new ENTERTAINER 2018, right? RIGHT. If you’re a superfan of the App, then I’m sure you’ve noticed that things look a little different. Even though the basics are still the same (read more about those here), there are a few new and exciting additions. And because we really want […]

Best Cape Town Views
Where To Find The Best Cape Town Views

So, let’s face it, this is definitely not a difficult one as we live in the MOST BEAUTIFUL CITY. Ever! But, I just want to make your life a tiny bit easier and provide you with an unusual ‘best Cape Town views’ list to tick off this weekend. I bet […]

Love your new 2018 App
6 Reasons To Love Your New 2018 App

The ENTERTAINER’s new 2018 App will most definitely put a skip in your step. Maybe you’ve been thinking about buying the new 2018 App on our insane early bird special. Or maybe you’re a super fan and you’ve got yours already (high five!). So, what’s there to love about it? We took […]

Dear Joburg moms
Dear Joburg Moms, You Need To Read This

Dear Joburg moms (and all over the world), You have one of the toughest jobs in the universe. Although we’ll probably never be able to properly thank you for running around after us when we were young, we (at the ENTERTAINER) do want to show you some of the fun […]

Seize The Day In Under An Hour
How To Seize The Day In An Hour (Or Less)

Stop what you’re doing right now and read this, because you need to seize the day. You know that moment when Robin Williams starts whispering “carpe diem” in Dead Poets Society? Well that’s me right now, telling you to carpe diem and seize the day. Because life is short (cheesy, […]

Afternoon Tea
9 Alternative Places To Visit For Afternoon Tea

Meeting someone for afternoon tea is just another way of saying “I miss you, I have nothing to do right now and I’m in desperate need of a good drink and good conversation” (whether that’s a hot drink, or a well-deserved cocktail). Am I right? Well, let’s all raise our […]

Undiscovered Destinations
Undiscovered Destinations To Explore Before You Die

We’ve all wanted to go to these undiscovered destinations but always end up choosing the good old faithful options, right? I bet this short and sweet article will be a game changer for you. Why not treat yo’self and explore some undiscovered destinations for a change? Check out these 5 […]

Super Rugby Weekend
How To Have A Super Rugby Weekend In Jozi

How exciting is it that the Lions are in the Super Rugby final?! What’s even more exciting is that Emirates Airline Park is sold out – which means we have 62 000 people backing our boys on Saturday! It also means that 62 000 lucky people will be in the area and […]

Dog-Friendly Restaurants
44 Dog Friendly Restaurants In Joburg & Pretoria

Dog friendly restaurants in Johannesburg and Pretoria (and dog friendly restaurants in Durban and Cape Town) are God’s way of giving back to our smelly little furbabies. These guys may burn the biggest hole in your pocket and eat you out of house and home, but they deserve every drop […]