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Off-Beat Breakfast in Johannesburg
4 Great Spots For An Off-Beat Breakfast in Joburg

Breakfast is big in Joburg. This is an early-morning city, and Joburgers love to rise before the sun, work out, and squeeze in a breakfast meeting at their favourite restaurant before hitting the office for a full day of hustling. Great off-beat breakfast restaurants abound in the City of Gold, […]

May's Monthly Offers
Here’s Why You’ll Love May’s Monthly Offers

You’ve just come back from a relaxing long weekend, it’s a short week (so you only have to deal with your annoying co-workers for a few days), and May’s Monthly Offers are here, and ready to be redeemed. Oh what a time to be alive! The list of offers gets longer […]

Thailand is still cool
Here’s Why Thailand Is Still Cool, Guys

Yep, you heard it here first – Thailand is still cool. Take my word for it, I was there not too long ago. And I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised by its raw, natural beauty, the extremely friendly and hardworking people, and by the fact that we found so […]

HUB -Durban Brunch Spots
4 Durban Brunch Spots To Visit This Weekend

Ah, brunch. The meal that allows you to sleep in guilt-free and still feel like you achieved something before midday. I’m a fan. Never mind that sneaky moment the clock strikes 12 and a mimosa sidles up alongside your Eggs Benedict. If you’re also a believer in the later-than-9am breakfast, […]

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants In Johannesburg
5 Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants In Johannesburg

Dear vegetarians, I promise we haven’t forgotten about you in our foodie journey across Gauteng. And I know how hard it is to find vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Johannesburg and Pretoria these days. So, I’m here to dedicate an entire post to YOU, and show you that there are actually dishes […]

April Monthly Offers
Save Big With Your April Monthly Offers

This is not an April’s fool scam, I promise. It’s the April monthly offers you’ve been waiting for for the last three months. We’re here to put a huge smile on your face all the time, but especially at the start of each month. We know the salary you got […]

Trendy Travel Destinations
8 Trendy Travel Destinations to Tap Into In 2018

…Before everyone else does! Being trendy is addictive, right? I mean, the amount of matcha lattes that people seem to be ordering all around me is super cray. A healthy kind of cray, luckily. But these days it seems that to be truly trendy, you have to do things that […]

Still Looking For Date Ideas
Still Looking For Date Ideas?

Because February is the month of love, and love really shouldn’t be limited to just one day, we’ve whipped up a list of Monthly Offers that you have to use if you’re in need of those last-minute date ideas. Just remember, the App needs a break every now and then […]

New 2018 ENTERTAINER Offers
New 2018 ENTERTAINER Offers You’ll Love

Yes! You read it here first, girlfriend. We’ve added a grand total of 373 new 2018 ENTERTAINER offers to the App for you to choose from. The trick is to keep your eyes peeled so that you don’t miss out on any of these FAB new offers, which we know you’ll […]