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Movepretty ladies
A Word From The MOVEPRETTY Ladies

Hello lovely ladies. As you all probably know by now, we are MOVEPRETTY, a proudly South African premium ladies athleisure brand, designed by women, for women. MOVEPRETTY understands that women want to feel confident and beautiful… …especially when living a healthy, active lifestyle. Annelize designs with the stylish, dynamic woman […]

Winter-Friendly Monthly Offers in July
6 Winter-Friendly Monthly Offers To Try In July

Just because it’s freezing outside – and SNOWING in Cape Town – it doesn’t mean you have to be confined to your bed all day err’day (although, this is quite tempting). I can assure you that there are plenty of wonderful things to do during these icy times to prevent you […]

money-saving offers
Brand New Money-Saving Offers For You

I know, enough already, am I right? But nope, here at the ENTERTAINER we don’t stop hustling to get you the best. The very best. We hustle so that you can save more moola. We hustle so that your quality of life can be top-notch. And these money-saving offers will change the […]

Durban School holidays
Durban School Holidays – What now?

The Durban school holidays are upon you and you need to seriously get a to-do list to entertain your kids. You’re in luck, man. I just created the best list of fun (and exhausting) activities that’ll defs keep your kids very busy. You also have to be the favourite. Always […]

Find inner zen in Durban
5 Places To Find Inner Zen In Durban

Modern living takes it out of us. Fact: you have to work a lot harder to find inner zen – the irony – than your parents ever had to. At the same time, we and our millennial successors are more informed than ever about how to get in touch with […]

Actual Footage Of My Life VS The ENTERTAINER Life
Actual Footage Of My Life VS The ENTERTAINER Life

Remember when you were younger and thought that adults had it all? And you just couldn’t wait to grow up? Now you’re here, with your sad instant coffee, sitting in traffic on your way to work, where you’re going to eat your sad packed lunch (actually they’re leftovers, because ain’t […]

Unique Durban Spas
Unique Durban Spas For Truly Epic Me-Time

Are you looking for something a little different to do around Durban? Whilst the ENTERTAINER has loads of 2-for-1 offers that you can use at over 70 pamper spots all over KZN, I’ve found 3 unique Durban spas that will absolutely delight you. So if you’re ready to level up […]

HUB - family fun
5 Spots For Family Fun In Cape Town

We all love to have quality family fun every now and then, right? But it can’t just be me who decides, more often than not, to rather stay at home, “because what will we do with our little ones…” I’m here to remind you of a couple of great spots for […]

Off-Beat Breakfast in Johannesburg
4 Great Spots For An Off-Beat Breakfast in Joburg

Breakfast is big in Joburg. This is an early-morning city, and Joburgers love to rise before the sun, work out, and squeeze in a breakfast meeting at their favourite restaurant before hitting the office for a full day of hustling. Great off-beat breakfast restaurants abound in the City of Gold, […]