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April Monthly Offers
Save Big With Your April Monthly Offers

This is not an April’s fool scam, I promise. It’s the April monthly offers you’ve been waiting for for the last three months. We’re here to put a huge smile on your face all the time, but especially at the start of each month. We know the salary you got […]

Cheers Edition What Kind Of Drink Are You
What Kind Of Drink Are You? (Cheers Edition)

It’s no secret that what you say, order, and do says a lot about who you are. By now I’m sure you’ve found out what your avo order says about you, but have you ever wondered what drink you would be based on your life choices? Well, we’re here to help […]

10 Women That Inspire Us

International Women’s Day falls on the 8th of March, and as a company that fully believes in the strength and potential of women from all around the world, we wanted to spread the word about ten inspirational women we think everybody should celebrate more! Their experiences, their vision or the […]

Trendy Travel Destinations
8 Trendy Travel Destinations to Tap Into In 2018

…Before everyone else does! Being trendy is addictive, right? I mean, the amount of matcha lattes that people seem to be ordering all around me is super cray. A healthy kind of cray, luckily. But these days it seems that to be truly trendy, you have to do things that […]

Your Biggest Decision Yet: To Brunch, Or Workout?

If you’re anything like some of us here at ENTERTAINER HQ, when the weekend rolls around again, we’re stuck between celebrating the successful completion of another work week brunch-style, and kicking our Fridays off with a killer workout! Which one do you prefer? Whether you like to party, or get […]

Let Us Show You Cape Town’s Lekker Side

It’s never to soon to start planning your next holiday, and for that you definitely need our fabulous travel recommendations! This time we are here to spread the word on what a great holiday destination Cape Town is, and to help us with it we have our Social Media Manager, […]

Still Looking For Date Ideas
Still Looking For Date Ideas?

Because February is the month of love, and love really shouldn’t be limited to just one day, we’ve whipped up a list of Monthly Offers that you have to use if you’re in need of those last-minute date ideas. Just remember, the App needs a break every now and then […]

Top KSA Travel Blogs To Inspire Your Next Escape

Ever wondered what it’s like to go on a real adventure into the unknown? One with a lot of amazing opportunities and savings being on the top of your list! With summer approaching and temperatures rising, we’re all looking for our next getaway. If you’re looking for destination inspiration, we’ve rounded up […]

New 2018 ENTERTAINER Offers
New 2018 ENTERTAINER Offers You’ll Love

Yes! You read it here first, girlfriend. We’ve added a grand total of 373 new 2018 ENTERTAINER offers to the App for you to choose from. The trick is to keep your eyes peeled so that you don’t miss out on any of these FAB new offers, which we know you’ll […]