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New Year, New Me (New Cape Town Bucket List)
New Year, New Me (New Cape Town Bucket List)

The new year represents a fresh start. A blank page. A new book. A clean slate. Social media right now is flooding with ‘New Year, New Me’ posts. There is so much hope in the world for a 360 degree change, to ‘have more positive and less negative’, more fun […]

Summer Holiday Blues Activities
Post-Holiday Blues Activities To Cheer You Up

2019 has dawned, which means it’s time to stop reminiscing about Christmas dinner, fabulous Instagram-worthy vacations and that much-needed summer break. It’s time to live in the now, regardless of your current bank balance. The good times may feel over, but these post-holiday blues activities prove that they’re definitely not! […]

Vegan Month
Vegan Month: The Cape Town Way

It’s Vegan Month. Well, actually it seems like it’s been Vegan Month for the whole of this past year (Capetonians do love their greens). But if you haven’t heard of it, here’s the low-down: October is the month where health conscious, vegan-curious South Africans try their best to be vegan […]

We Have The Best Of Joburg - the ENTERTAINER
We Have The Best Of Joburg

The Best of Joburg 2018 winners have just been announced, and we are super excited to see quite a lot of familiar faces on the list! Not only have they been voted the best by you, Joburg, they’re also part of the ENTERTAINER family. Which means you can visit the best of the best […]

5 Money Saving Tips - the ENTERTAINER
5 Money Saving Tips You Should Know By Now

Life in South Africa has become ridiculously expensive. And just when we think it can’t get any worse, the petrol price goes up again (by a WHOLE RAND and then some). If you don’t want to get a second job to cover all these extra costs, then it’s time to […]

Bali Beach Break To Remember - Aisha&Life
A Bali Beach Break To Remember

No one ever wins competitions, right? Especially those dreamy fly-off-to-a-remote-island ones where everything’s taken care of and all you need to do is rock up to the airport with your bikini in tow. I saw one of these earlier this year and thought, I have nothing to lose… so I […]

Fresh New Offers
Fresh New Offers For Spring

Spring has sprung (well, at least in Joburg it has), flowers are blooming, and we’ve just added a whole bunch of fresh new offers on the ENTERTAINER App. Just for you! At the first whiff of newly-bloomed flowers, we know it’s time for change, right? We get the urge to spring-clean […]

Ditch Your Sad Desk Lunch, Johannesburg and Pretoria
You Should Ditch Your Sad Desk Lunch, Joburg

If you’re reading this, you probably eat lunch at your desk. It seems like a good idea, but that sad desk lunch is actually weighing you down, my friend. And now that we’re friends, I feel comfortable enough to tell you this: STOP. Stop it right now. Not only is […]

Cape Town winter staycation
A Perfect Cape Town Winter Staycation

One of my favourite things about the ENTERTAINER App is always being able to find offers that match my favourite things. To name one passion of mine: Food. And another: Winter. And lastly: Travel. Combine the three and what do you get? A perfect Cape Town Winter Staycation. Here’s my […]