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fab April monthly offers
Fab April Monthly Offers To Redeem This Month!

Let’s not kid ourselves – we all tend to forget about the ENTERTAINER‘s monthly offers every now and then. We’re human, after all. But, I’m sure if you knew that these offers were non-depleting you’d be on your way to Active Sushi right now (um, hello salmon roses. Every. Single. […]

Durban's Best Toasted Chicken Mayo
Durban’s Best Toasted Chicken Mayo

“Nah, not really a fan of chicken mayo sarmies, hey”, said no South African, ever. Because we all know that it’s the most versatile (and delicious) (and cheap) meal. Feeling peckish? Chicken mayo. Got some leftover chicken from Sunday lunch (because who eats the breast, honestly)? Chicken mayo. Feeling hungover? […]

March's Monthly Offers
March’s Monthly Offers (Quick, Take A Peek!)

March’s monthly offers have come just in time. Technically, it’s the end of summer. The holidays are a distant memory and we’re all saving our annual leave for a break that feels like a lifetime away. Tans are fading as we spend more time in the office, and the doughnut […]

Unleash inner child
5 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Child

It’s time to unleash your inner child. Remember the days that were care-free and sweet? When you ran around in your garden and pretended to battle vicious beasts? Yes, the good old days. Now it seems our 9-to-5 days are filled with monotonous routines and a lack of imagination. But […]

Teaching In Vietnam
Teaching In Vietnam: Is It For You?

In short, yes! Teaching in Vietnam is definitely for you. For many South Africans there are few options to live and work abroad (thanks, passport). So, I decided to pack my bags and follow the hoards (they must know something, right?). I hopped on to the cheapest flight to Vietnam, […]

Botswana For Beginners: Cheap Travel Ideas

Have you ever dreamt of being in The Lion King? (I know, I know, rhetorical question). I mean, yes, we’ve all been to the Kruger Park and the Joburg Zoo. Even though Botswana for beginners seems near impossible, to see real Africa (*aaah zabenyaaa*), Botswana is your go-to. Although Botswana […]

New Monthly Offers the ENTERTAINER
New Monthly Offers: February’s Full Of ‘Em

Ok, we might be one month in already. But this year – like our hopes, dreams, and New Year’s Resolutions – is still pretty shiny and new. And if you’re anything like us, you promised yourself you’d spend more time with friends, try new things, or treat yo’self more. Does this ring […]

New Year, New Me (New Cape Town Bucket List)
New Year, New Me (New Cape Town Bucket List)

The new year represents a fresh start. A blank page. A new book. A clean slate. Social media right now is flooding with ‘New Year, New Me’ posts. There is so much hope in the world for a 360 degree change, to ‘have more positive and less negative’, more fun […]

Summer Holiday Blues Activities
Post-Holiday Blues Activities To Cheer You Up

2019 has dawned, which means it’s time to stop reminiscing about Christmas dinner, fabulous Instagram-worthy vacations and that much-needed summer break. It’s time to live in the now, regardless of your current bank balance. The good times may feel over, but these post-holiday blues activities prove that they’re definitely not! […]