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New 2-For-1 ENTERTAINER Offers
Klap These New 2-For-1 ENTERTAINER Offers

New 2-for-1 ENTERTAINER offers are just what you need to give you a second wind for the year. We know, we know, 2019 has been a blur. Maybe it’s already June and you haven’t achieved most of your new year, new me goals. Or maybe you’ve burnt through all of […]

Shake Up Your Weekend At Lucky Shaker
Shake Up Your Weekend At Lucky Shaker

What better way to shake up your weekend than with a good cocktail!? From date night to drinks with the mates, it’s an absolute must! And lucky for you, I recently visited an amazing spot in Durbs that’s filled with a great atmosphere and some of the best feel-good drinks […]

June's Juicy Offers on the ENTERTAINER
This Just In: June’s Juicy Offers

June’s juicy offers won’t take away winter (boo hoo), but they will make your month a little more exciting. From sushi plates and oysters (YES, PLEASE) to burgers and facials; you’re bound to find something that will get you out of hibernation mode. Fill this month with June’s juicy offers. […]

Joburg's Winter Warmers Because Winter Is Here
Joburg’s Winter Warmers (Because Winter Is Here)

Joburg’s winter warmers are here, because winter has finally come. Jon Snow (looking oh-so-sexy in his leathers) has battled it out with the White Walkers (well, this is what I assume/dream happened but maybe it’s not. I’m actually going to binge-watch all the episodes this weekend, so NO ONE SPOIL […]

Legendary burgers at Hard Rock Cafe in Pretoria
Hard Rock’s Legendary Burgers

We like big buns and we cannot lie. Which is why we made it our absolute MISSION to find some of the biggest and most legendary burgers in the country, starting at Hard Rock Cafe. All of Hard Rock‘s legendary burgers are served on a fresh brioche bun (that’s the […]

Post-Election Drinks Deals
Post-Election Drinks Deals You’re Going To Need

Post-election drinks deals. The perfect way to celebrate or mourn our new government. After months of listening to certified non-politicians (i.e. dads) debating the political situation in SA, we have finally reached D-Day. Our fingers are sweating just at the thought of picking up that pen. Minds racing. Could our […]

Make May A Mother's Month
Make May A Mother’s Month, Durban

Mother’s month. Seems more fitting than just a day, right? They birth you, feed you, pay for you and literally give up their lives (and bodies) to make you a happy little brat. That’s why we think it’s impossible to celebrate our moms in one day. So let’s make May […]

Cape Town Summer Activities
Cape Town’s Best Outdoor Activities (Squeeze ‘Em In Quick!)

Cape Town’s best outdoor activities are pretty much the best in the world. By far. And with the many benefits of spending time outdoors, there’s no excuse not to do all of them. But we all know that feeling; you blink and summer is almost over. Once that first rainy […]

Pet friendly restaurants Cape Town
Pet Friendly Restaurants Cape Town

Pet friendly restaurants in Cape Town (and in Joburg, Pretoria, and Durban) are the best kind of restaurants. Because it is just so, so, hard to leave your little bestie at home. Those puppy eyes. That little whine. The way he watches you leave from the front door. And then, to […]