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The Entertainer 2017 Is Here

…And it’s better than ever. Whether you live in Jozi, Pretoria, Cape Town or Durbs, we’ve got you covered. Our Entertainer 2017 range of products is packed with more merchants, more offers and more savings than ever before. So, are you ready to explore your city? (Danilo, Benike, Mark and Liezel […]

Heritage Day
🇿🇦 Heritage Day – Make it a long weekend!

Just like the Irish have St Patrick’s Day, the French have Bastille Day and Australians have Australia Day, us Saffas have Heritage Day! Nicknamed the Rainbow Nation 🌈 for its culturally diverse population, South Africa has a lot to celebrate on this day. With 11 soon to be 12  languages […]

Get R100 off BOTTLES order_ the ENTERTAINER
BOTTLES Delivers, Whatever The Weather

Listen, we’re always going on and on about needing to get out of the house (and the office) to explore more, eat more, and experience more. But sometimes – especially when winter is in full force – you just wanna cuddle up on the couch in your PJs, watch some […]

50% Off Facial Peels
50% Off Facial Peels TO DO Before Summer

50% off facial peels. Why would we be so kind, you ask? Because, well, being red and flaky, and breaking the bank just doesn’t seem fair (at least until that new, dewy, fresh layer appears and then you’re all, like, TAKE MY MONEYYY). And, because, at the ENTERTAINER we’re all […]

Rules Of Use
Rules of Use: Stop What You’re Doing & Read This

Are you sitting down? Comfy? Got your thick skin on? Great, because we need to talk. You know we absolutely love each and every one of you, but we’ve noticed there are a few people who don’t know our Rules of Use. And it’s starting to cause some issues for […]

Cape Town's Best Indian Restaurants
Cape Town’s Best Indian Restaurants

Cape Town’s best Indian restaurants are perfect for the cold, wet, dark winter that has literally swallowed this city. It’s only June, and with very little light at the end of the tunnel, and puffy jackets and tracksuit pants to hide the winter pudge, it’s time to eat all the […]

Parents night out with the ENTERTAINER
Parent’s Night Out – You Ready?

Being a parent is a tough job. Little sleep, stretched patience and no pay. It’s all about the nappies, formula and school fees. Money’s tight and date nights are rare. Luckily, the ENTERTAINER has got you covered! Go and book that babysitter, ‘coz it’s parent’s night out! And with the […]

Kids Holiday Activities
Kids Holiday Activities (Trust Us, You Need Them)

Kids holiday activities are vital for parents’ sanity but need to be well-planned. While the kids (and teachers) are counting down the days to the last day of term, parents around the country are not as eager. It’s nail-biting stuff trying to think of things to busy those little, too […]

New 2-For-1 ENTERTAINER Offers
Klap These New 2-For-1 ENTERTAINER Offers

New 2-for-1 ENTERTAINER offers are just what you need to give you a second wind for the year. We know, we know, 2019 has been a blur. Maybe it’s already June and you haven’t achieved most of your new year, new me goals. Or maybe you’ve burnt through all of […]