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The Entertainer 2017 Is Here

…And it’s better than ever. Whether you live in Jozi, Pretoria, Cape Town or Durbs, we’ve got you covered. Our Entertainer 2017 range of products is packed with more merchants, more offers and more savings than ever before. So, are you ready to explore your city? (Danilo, Benike, Mark and Liezel […]

Post-Election Drinks Deals
Post-Election Drinks Deals You’re Going To Need

Post-election drinks deals. The perfect way to celebrate or mourn our new government. After months of listening to certified non-politicians (i.e. dads) debating the political situation in SA, we have finally reached D-Day. Our fingers are sweating just at the thought of picking up that pen. Minds racing. Could our […]

Make May A Mother's Month
Make May A Mother’s Month, Durban

Mother’s month. Seems more fitting than just a day, right? They birth you, feed you, pay for you and literally give up their lives (and bodies) to make you a happy little brat. That’s why we think it’s impossible to celebrate our moms in one day. So let’s make May […]

Cape Town Summer Activities
Cape Town’s Best Outdoor Activities (Squeeze ‘Em In Quick!)

Cape Town’s best outdoor activities are pretty much the best in the world. By far. And with the many benefits of spending time outdoors, there’s no excuse not to do all of them. But we all know that feeling; you blink and summer is almost over. Once that first rainy […]

Safari Getaway Near Cape Town
Safari Getaway Near Cape Town: Buffelsdrift

It’s hard to find a safari getaway near Cape Town that suits the non-camping types but is still within a (fairly) reasonable budget. My husband and I were lucky enough to find a hidden gem called Buffelsdrift, a mere 5-hour drive from Cape Town, in the heart of the Klein […]

Beer O'clock
It’s Always Beer O’Clock At S43

As the saying goes, “It’s 5 pm somewhere in the world”. But who says you can only start drinking at 5 pm? I mean, seriously, beer o’clock can be anytime. Whenever you need an ice cold craft beer to chill out and take a moment to gather yourself (because the […]

fab April monthly offers
Fab April Monthly Offers To Redeem This Month!

Let’s not kid ourselves – we all tend to forget about the ENTERTAINER‘s monthly offers every now and then. We’re human, after all. But, I’m sure if you knew that these offers were non-depleting you’d be on your way to Active Sushi right now (um, hello salmon roses. Every. Single. […]

Durban's Best Toasted Chicken Mayo
Durban’s Best Toasted Chicken Mayo

“Nah, not really a fan of chicken mayo sarmies, hey”, said no South African, ever. Because we all know that it’s the most versatile (and delicious) (and cheap) meal. Feeling peckish? Chicken mayo. Got some leftover chicken from Sunday lunch (because who eats the breast, honestly)? Chicken mayo. Feeling hungover? […]

March's Monthly Offers
March’s Monthly Offers (Quick, Take A Peek!)

March’s monthly offers have come just in time. Technically, it’s the end of summer. The holidays are a distant memory and we’re all saving our annual leave for a break that feels like a lifetime away. Tans are fading as we spend more time in the office, and the doughnut […]