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School Holidays: 7 Places To Visit This Weekend
School Holidays: 7 Places To Visit This Weekend

It’s almost the end of school holidays, so savour your last moments with the little ones and make this weekend one to remember. This one goes out to all the parents, babysitters, and adults who don’t want to be told to grow up (if a certain Simple Plan song popped […]

6 winter events you can't miss
6 Winter Events You Can’t Miss This Weekend

Yes, it’s chilly outside. But is that an excuse to curl up on the couch and tap out of life? Well, yes, of course it is. I support a solid Netflix-and-pizza-fuelled weekend as much as anyone. However, there are loads of winter events happening across the country over the next […]

9 New Offers For Indecisive Foodies
9 New Offers For Indecisive Foodies

Attention indecisive foodies! We all know that food makes the world go round, but the only problem is that there’s just too much good food to choose from these days. Luckily, the Entertainer app has added some awesome new merchants across South Africa, with loads of exciting offers that curb every sweet, […]

June Monthly Offers
The Monthly Offers You Have To Try This June

Hey June, when did you sneak up on us? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining – because a new month means new Monthly Offers. And I LOVE an exclusive deal. Okay wait, what are Monthly Offers? Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. Monthly Offers are a selection of exclusive […]

Jump on the trampoline park craze at Bounce
Jump On The Trampoline Park Craze At Bounce

Keeping fit doesn’t have to mean dragging yourself to gym at 5am every morning. Unless that’s your vibe, of course – then no judgies. But it’s 2020 and there are more ways than one to burn calories, so if you’re willing to try something new then I think we’ve found […]

The New Offers You Need To Use This Weekend

What’s my #1 favourite thing about the Entertainer app? The new offers, guys! And I say this as a completely impartial person who’s been the biggest fangirl of this feature since way before I worked here. Throughout the year, the team loads a wide selection of new offers from fresh […]

Do Mother’s Day A Little Differently This Year

She’s the reason you’re here, and she deserves to be spoilt. So put down those flowers you bought at the garage and celebrate your mom a little differently this weekend. Because Mother’s Day doesn’t have to slightly wilted carnations and toast in bed – it can be a chance to get out […]

4 Ways To Enjoy The Long Weekend In Cape Town

Well hey there, long weekend. Bring on the couch naps and wine-infused games of Monopoly. Except, you know, the weather is gorgeous and there are loads of events happening over the next few days. Why not save the board games for winter and head out to explore Cape Town instead? […]

Meet The Foodies: @Instaeatscapetown

If you haven’t bumped into Dean Horwitz and Francis Gersbach in Cape Town yet, you’re not eating out enough. @Instaeatscapetown was launched in 2015 as a feature page and has since become the go-to Insta account for all things delicious. Today, @Instaeatscapetown has over 25k followers, and Dean has expanded the […]