Vegan cooking class + more new offers

Vegan cooking class + more | If you’re considering going vegan – or just wanting to improve your overall diet – it can’t hurt becoming more self-sufficient by learning how to prepare food that’s better for you. Lucky for us, among this week’s new merchant highlights include a vegan cooking class.

We’re also pleased to welcome two, more noteworthy places where you may use the ENTERTAINER – so read on below!

Vegan cooking class + more new offers

Tina Barratt Raw Food & Vegan

16th Level, Tin On Sing Commercial Building, 41-43 Graham Street, Central
Tina Barrat is a French chef who has mastered the creation of vegan and vegetarian dishes. She offers two types of classes at her shop: Vegan Health and Vegan Raw Food. And if you wish to learn in the privacy of your own home, you’ve got that option, too – and we’ve also got an offer for that. Check it out on the App!

Offer: Vegan Raw Food Cooking Class
Estimated Savings: $500

Hunan Bistro

G/F, 405 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai
This place serves authentic Hunan-style dishes, but don’t let the chilies intimidate you. The different degrees of spiciness guarantee that there’s something for everyone.Try their signature fish dish (see below); it’s a crowd pleaser. There’s no arguing of course that chili’s bright redness not only elevates food presentation, but also whets our appetite and makes our Instagram pop!

Offer: Main Course
Estimated Savings: $128

New Beauty Express

KOLOUR • TSUEN WAN I, 68 Chung On Street
Don’t you often feel after shopping for skincare and beauty products, that your wallet has taken a wallop? This one stop shop beauty store has high-quality express treatment offers on the App. My colleague, Renee, tried the facial just moments ago. She’s glowing. Even better, customers can take the experience home when they buy products at surprisingly affordable price points – made even better with savings on the ENTERTAINER, natch!

Offer: Save $600

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James Gannaban