The ENTERTAINER 2020 Early Bird Offers Are Here!

The holiday season is imminent and the time for wish lists has begun. Well, allow us to grant your wishes early with the launch of the ENTERTAINER Hong Kong 2020.

We offer our members something new every year and 2020 is no exception. We have the classic Hong Kong  product with hundreds of participating dining and lifestyle merchants, Cheers for the nightcrawlers, as well as Travel  for those always bitten by the travel bug. But that’s not all.

Presenting Gourmet and express

The ENTERTAINER Hong Kong 2020 is all about MORE savings and MORE options. So we’ve added two, new products as an exciting treat to all members: Gourmet 2020 and express 2020.

Gourmet shatters the notion that upscale dining experiences are wallet-breaking by redefining the price point for fine dining. With dining outlet choices including 1 Michelin star Qi – House of Sichuan, and exceptional hotel outlets Popinjays at The Murray Hotel and AVA Restaurant Slash Bar at the Hotel Panorama, diners’ stomachs and wallets can both remain full after a luxurious meal. Gourmet offers are either Buy 1 Get 1 Free Main Course or 25% Off Total Bill at these fine dining outlets.

express is targeted toward boosting savings on your everyday spend on informal dining and takeaway. All offers are 25% Off Total Bill at popular spots such as Sift Desserts, XTC Gelato, Tom n Toms, Tai Tai Pie Pies, 18 Grams, La Station and many more. Additionally, every month, the 4 vouchers are replenished meaning diners enjoy saving at their favourite eateries up to 48 times per year.

Early Bird Offers — Hong Kong Bundle 2020 

ENTERTAINER products are now available for pre-order. Purchasers can get the entire Hong Kong bundle (Classic, Cheers, Gourmet, and express) for the exclusive, early bird price of just HKD288 – a 50% discount from HKD583 total RRP value. If you are feeling thirsty all the time, you can just purchase Cheers at HKD95 against the original price of HKD195. Offers on all ENTERTAINER products are available 7 days a week, except statutory holidays.

To top it all off, a curated selection of Bonus Offers will be UNLOCKED when you pre order the 2020 app to give you a headstart on savings.

In a nutshell, here’s how the ENTERTAINER Hong Kong 2020 will spoil you with all things nice:

  • Early Bird Offer on the whole bundle at HKD288
  • More buy 1 get 1 free and discounts offers than ever before with the addition of Gourmet and express
  • Unlocked Bonus Offers 2019 so you can start redeeming immediately
  • Buy 1 get 1 free room nights and discount deals for over 550,000 hotels and resorts worldwide with Getaways


Buy the Hong Kong 2020 Bundle on early bird with promo code HUBHK2020 for a chance to WIN A GOURMET DINNER AT POPINJAYS!

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Milk Cheng