Spring Is Here, Goodbye Winter!

Is that a hint of sunlight we see by the time we leave the office? Does our big coats feel slightly overwhelming? Has the wind gone from 63 mph gale to a gentle breeze? All the signs are confirming our heart’s biggest wish: Spring is here.

Shedding the thermals brings a kind of adrenaline that comes in very handy for new routines, activities and experiences. At the ENTERTAINER we want you to experience everything, so why don’t you celebrate the arrival of Spring trying out new things?

Outdoor Sessions at Keep Fit Boot Camp

Keep Fit Boot Camp offers a variety of HIIT and yoga sessions, all outdoors in beautiful locations such as Hyde Park or Lincoln Inn Fields. Take a class with them and you’ll never want to go back to your self-taught aerobic sessions at home!

Get Back On The Saddle With Bike Serve

The rain and the snow are not close friends of your daily cycling to work, or your weekend escapes on your mountain bike. Since the skies are clearing up and the roads are going back to normal, you should probably do a thorough check on your bike before you return to your usual cycling!

Bike Serve provide a great service, from re-chaining to small adjustments, so that nothing can stop you from recreating your favourite Tour de France moments.

Make Take Away Great Again

Our take away section comes to life again with the nicer weather! Now you can grab delicious morsels from places such as Hummus Bros and enjoy your falafel and hummus bowls in your park of choice! If you’re feeling extra Spring-y, maybe grab a scoop or two from Unico Gelato.

Ditch That Woolly Hat

You can go back to styling like you want to, now that your hair is free from hats, hoodies and caps! A glamorous cut and blow-dry from the professionals at Dashing Dolls, or getting your eyebrows on fleek at Browhaus can give you the last touch to go with your new Spring wardrobe.

Remember, your ENTERTAINER app will get you amazing discounts and complimentary offers in all these venues, so you can properly welcome the new season!


Amanda Rosowski
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