Qatar, You’ve Got Some-PING To Smile About!

By now, you should all know about our gift to you this festive season, but if you don’t, then we’ll remind you! This December, we’re giving each of you 1,000 PINGS, which means that you will now have the opportunity to share all of your unused ENTERTAINER offers with your nearest and dearest! Whether you need to cheer up your best friend by pinging her an offer for a bottle of house grape, or need to provide a tired colleague with the chance to purchase two large cups of coffee for the price of one, we’re giving you the chance to make those closest to you smile! To make your life easier, we’ve come up with some amazing offers we reckon your friends and family would just love to receive.

Make someone smile

For the husband that wants to get a new ‘do, PING: Haircut at Look Men’s Salon

Has your hubby been thinking about updating his look? Make the decision easier for him by pinging over a Haircut at Look Men’s Salon – after perfecting his new style, he can ensure he keeps it sleek by booking a second appointment for free!

For the cousin coming over on holiday, PING: One Room Night at Doha Marriott Hotel

With a location right in the heart of a city, a private beach, and nearby famous landmarks, let your cousin know how much you love them by giving them the opportunity to stay in the Doha Marriott Hotel for two nights for half the price!

For the colleague in need of caffeine, PING: Beverage at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

But. First. Coffee. Have a colleague or two that always needs the pick-me-up in the morning? Be a good friend and let them have one or two of your offers, because we’re sure they’ll appreciate it!

For the friend who needs to take his wife out for their anniversary, PING: Main Course at La Casa Twentyeight

Have a friend looking for some inspiration on where to take his wife for their anniversary? Make sure you send over an offer for La Casa Twentyeight, where they can enjoy homely, authentic cuisine from Mediterranean shores, cooked in a wood-fired clay oven.

For the friend who has pets and is forever cleaning, PING: Two Hour Cleaning at

Wheher they have parents visiting, friends stay over, or just really can’t be bothered to keep up with the dog hair everywhere, your friend can pay for a Two Hour Cleaning session with, and receive another two hours for free! Stress level – 0!

From 3-30 December 2017, you can PING away, and your friends and family can get redeeming! Remember, there’s always some-PING to smile about!


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