How To Make The Most Of 2018

2018 is well and truly upon us, so it’s about time we start thinking about how we’re going to make the most out of this new year! Setting ourselves goals is the first step to achieving them – whether they occur daily, weekly or monthly, feel free to take a little bit of inspiration from the goals we’re hoping to achieve this year.

How will you make 2018 your best year yet?

#1 Save a little more each month

It’s time to start budgeting! From those super savers, to those known for splurging, whether it’s an extra KD 10, or KD 100, set those savings aside. Dreaming of buying that new bag, sparkly ring, or beautiful home? Then make the most out of all opportunities to save – including, of course, using your ENTERTAINER 2018 wherever possible.

#2 Have a good time

Challenge your friends to a new exciting adventure with Paint Ball Kuwait. With the latest state-of-the-art facilities, you rest assured you will be having a blast. Use your ENTERTAINER to get 2 for the price of 1 on admission tickets. Double the fun with half the value!

#3 Put yourself first

And what better way to make you feel like you’re number 1 than a solo trip to the spa? Pamper yourself at Bodylines Fitness & Wellness Club that will provide you with the ultimate pamper session when you opt for 60-Min Body Massage – at 2 for 1, you can go back a second time, too.

#4 Travel a little further

Whether you’d like a short tropical trip over to Sri Lanka to stay within the grounds of Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes, or would prefer a few days in the very fabulous Maldives (yes The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi, we’re looking at you), your ENTERTAINER can provide you with a trip for half the price. Opt to directly book one of the 550,00+ hotels featured in our ENTERTAINER getaways product and receive up to 40% off your stay, or stick to the classic 2 for 1 on hotel stays with Hotels Worldwide – either way, you’ll be left pretty spoiled for choice.

#5 Spend time with those you care about

Great friends + delicious Italian dishes = a recipe for a fabulous night out. Catch up with friends old and new in the city with a trip to multi-award winning restaurant Alfredo’s Gallery Restaurant. Featuring a rich Italian palette of flavours, you’ll be surrounded by some of your favourite people, and may well just find your new favourite restaurant.

#6 Drink more water

Great for the skin, energy levels and keeping those headaches at bay, I’m sure you’d agree with us when we say that we don’t know what we’d do without our much loved H2O. So make sure you get plenty of it this year. And when you’re bored of water, you can always treat yourself to Symphony Style Gourmet.

#7 Get a little healthier

One we can never shy away from when the new year springs up on us – getting healthier! From gym buffs to but-the-sofa-is-so-comfy-ers, allow Fitness 2018 to be your new BFF. Escape the weekly stress by attending a Yoga session at Ayur Mana Yoga and get 50% off on group classes with your ENTERTAINER!

#8 Spend some much needed QT with your family

We can all be guilty of letting our busy lives take over, meaning that weeks often fly by before realising we’ve made no time for the people that really matter. So, in 2018, make that a thing of the past. Remember just how much fun you can all have together, especially at Dino Adventure, which is the only Dinosaur-themed adventure park in Kuwait!

#9 Seize the day

Go on. Spend time with yourself this year. Walk along the beach. Go hiking in the mountains. Watch the sun rise. It’s a new year, treat yourself.