Jason Leong’s ‘Ambitious’ – LIVE in HK!

Top Malaysian stand-up comedian, Jason Leong, takes his one-man show, Ambitious, to Hong Kong for one night only. 

Jason Leong’s AMBITIOUS – Live in HK!

First, a little introduction. Jason Leong was the first Malaysian to win the 7th Annual Hong Kong International Comedy Festival. He then became the first Malaysian to perform a full professional set at Laugh Factory in Hollywood, USA and Gotham Comedy Club in New York.

Since then, he has performed to sold-out crowds in Sri Lanka, Singapore and Dubai.

Dr. Jason is also an enthusiastic collaborator on corporate projects, writing and performing in online ads for Alliance Bank, McDonalds and Kronenbourg, to name a few. Reason, no doubt, for his astute and all-too-real observations about workplace culture and etiquette. Here’s a sample:

For one night only, catch this brilliant talent on the Hong Kong leg of his acclaimed show, Ambitious.

Jason Leong's Ambitious LIVE in Hong Kong


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