5 Holiday Prep Tips

The holidays are upon us once again! As sure as the smell of fresh-cut Christmas trees begins to fill our nostrils, a certain amount of hysteria permeates the air, too. Before we descend into full-blown festive bedlam, we here at the ENTERTAINER HK HQ have put some ideas together… Because “festive cheer” can so quickly spiral into regrettable action – be it overspending or overindulging – here are some holiday prep tips to help us all get Christmas-ready more sensibly.

Holiday Prep: 5 Tips To Keep Your Head On This Festive Season

1. Make a list

For us busy Hongkongers, the festive season is sometimes the only opportunity to pause and reflect. You can easily avoid falling into the trap of attending mindless events (there are countless), yet again becoming too busy, by creating a priority list. Who would you love to spend time with? What would you enjoy doing with your loved ones? List them down. Set time and make effort for the people and things that truly matter.

2. Budget

Raise your hand if you’ve ever overspent on Christmas present shopping! I’m doubly guilty because while I do get the niggling feeling that I may have overspent, I never set a budget in the first place. Give yourself the gift of serenity whilst shopping, by doing 2 things:

(1) Stay within your means and decide how much you want to spend;
(2) Use ‘Spend & Save’ vouchers on the ENTERTAINER App, under the Fashion & Retail category (see below). Times like this when spending can so easily go overboard, it truly pays to be practical. Check out some of our favourites… John Masters Organics, THANN, Bamboa Home, Mr Simms, Feather & Bone and lots more.

Retail Offers on the ENTERTAINER App - Hong Kong

3. Take cash only; use Cheers religiously

It’s well-known that inebriation diminishes one’s common sense. Therefore, if you’re planning on hitting nightspots of the “bars” and “clubs” variety, leave the credit card at home and take cash only as a means to enforce a limit. But do take the ENTERTAINER to help make the most of your night out. We’re stoked to share that usage of buy 1 get 1 free Cheers drinks offers has been growing at 180% every month on average! And with offers such as buy 1 get 1 Champagne at Vault, buy 1 get 1 bottle of house beverage at Amazake, buy 3 get 3 (!!!) classic cocktails at The Woods – it’s easy to see why.

4. Go hiking

The weather is delicious; it’s the perfect time of the year to hit up some of HK’s beautiful nature trails. Here are some of our favourites. Take your besties along. Imagine 2 or more hours of quality time, no distractions? You can literally spill your guts out and rest assured you’ve got a captive audience. Of course the river flows both ways; you also have to listen to your friends’ neuroses. Deep conversations, here we come.

5. Squeeze in a yoga class

As someone who has greatly benefited from yoga, myself, I can attest to its ability to invigorate, ground and transform. Overwhelmed and feeling like a headless chicken? Yoga can help with that. Things moving too quickly? Slow it down; find the magic “Pause” button. Yoga can help. “Festive cheer” is only truly cheerful if you’re fully participating. Don’t just give and receive presents; stay present. Yoga can help. Best of all, yoga classes are ALL 50% off on the ENTERTAINER App at places such as The Yoga Room, Yoga Refine, Lemon Drop Studio and more.

Breathe. Rinse. Repeat.

Happy Holidays!


James Gannaban
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