Cheers to hairstylists; it’s #HairstylistAppreciationDay

Hug your hairstylist today! OK, maybe not a hug. But at least a thank-you. Why? Because today is Hairstylists Appreciation Day!

Your hair is a very powerful tool and the affect your hair can have on your day is never to be underestimated. A bad hair day can knock your confidence; even make you feel self-conscious as you go about your day. Equally, when you feel that you look good and you’re having a gorgeous hair day it puts that slight spring in your step.

Terrified of picking the wrong hair dressers? Not anymore! Check out our hair salon guideline here:

The Styling Studio

Spruce up your hair at The Styling Studio! The salon is situated in Swansea, Wales and offers full beauty treatments along with experienced hairdressers with up-to-date trends, so you’ll be sporting a new hairdo in no time.

Le Keux Vintage Salon

Le Keux Vintage Salon specialise in vintage hair and makeup styling inspired by the 1920s60s! If you’re looking for a pin-up photo shoot or a venue for vintage hen or birthday parties then this is the place to be!

Oh La La

You’ll never have to settle for a bad haircut again at Oh La La salon! Treating every client as an individual, the salon has over 20 years’ experience in the hairdressing industry and provides unique styles and creates signature cuts.


Refresh your hair in style and comfort with a visit to Bellisimos. With decades of experience and knowledge, Bellisimos can help you discover and achieve the hair of your dreams! There’s no wonder this salon is the go-to hairdresser in Cardiff.

Whether you’re looking for a style overhaul, a colour change or just a bit of pampering – get your ENTERTAINER app out and get that perfect hairdo!


Daniela Martins