Five ways you can get in shape

You’ve vowed that this year will be different. This will be your year: You’ll run a 5K, you’ll lose 25 pounds, you’ll wear your favourite jeans again. Whatever your goal is, you’ve decided this is your time.

We’re almost half way through the year and if nothing changes, nothing changes. So, if you’re really ready to make a shift, you’re going to have to change your strategy.

Don’t worry – we’ve made it easy for you, with our health and fitness guide:


Pack a punch at Kobox – it’s a boxing club like no other. By punching bags, burning fat and sweating a lot, each 50-minute, high intensity class will see you tackle all the fundamentals of boxing. The lights dim, the beat drops and your inhibitions fall away because it’s a fight club meets nightclub.

More yoga

Whether you want to get your vinyasa flow on or just want a healthy dose of meditation, More Yoga offers classes that have been tailored by their amazing teachers to provide exactly what your body needs. If you’re looking for a studio that allows for questions, falls and laughter, then this is the place for you!

Bikram Yoga London

Whatever your age or level of fitness, spread your wings and redefine your body and mind at Bikram Yoga London. From their flagship studio in Canary Wharf, Bikram Yoga London offers an exciting set of yoga styles, including hot Vinayasa flow, inferno Pilates, hot power flow, Jivamukti, candlelit and BYL music beats express.

Keep Fit Bootcamp

Get active with Keep Fit bootcamp! From corporate fitness to wellness packages Keep Fit Bootcamp helps employers create a motivated and happy workforce through a range of fun and challenging programmes.

Fitness Fusions 

Situated in Clapham, Fitness Fusions has two Yoga and Pilates Studios that offer classic and hot classes as well as more specialist classes such as Barre and Reformer. With a great team of instructors, they’ll help you take your fitness to another level.

Whether you are looking to try something new or carry on with something you have done before, get your ENTERTAINER apps ready to try out some of our fitness joints!


Daniela Martins
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