5 Thrilling, Must-Try Water Sports

Water Sports | The heat is on in the territory! Instead of locking yourself up in an air-conditioned room, show off that body you worked hard for all winter long. Take your workout outdoors. Sounds like a torturous sweat session, you say? No problemo! Just add H20! Take your hot new swimsuit out for a spin and give yourself a summer challenge. Try the SEAnsational water sports below. From a team sport to adrenaline-pumping stunts, these activities are guaranteed to give you the aquatic kicks you need and might just get you hooked.

5 Thrilling, Must-Try Water Sports

Stand-up Paddleboarding

Your Pilates sessions will come in handy as you engage your core to stand on the oversize surfboard used in stand-up paddle boarding. It’s easier than it looks and once you get your balance right, you’ll be coasting along to hidden beaches like a pro. Learn from the experts at Hong Kong Aqua-bound Centre. Take a Stand Up Paddle Class with your friend at half price using the ENTERTAINER’s buy one get one free offer.


You don’t need fairy dust, but you will need happy thoughts and good balance to fly like Peter Pan on a fly board. The board is connected to a jet ski through a long hose, where water passes through, propelling the rider out of the water. Make your Iron Man dreams come true this summer – check! Look up flyboard.com.hk for lessons.

Dragon boating

Time to go old school! Extreme water sports are cool, but this team sport is a classic summer workout and a great way to network with people from all walks of life. 20 paddlers paddle in unison to drive their traditional wooden dragon boat across the finish line first in a race. Give yourself an intense full body workout the whole year. While the Dragon Boat Festival happens only once a year, many teams train off-season, too.

Wakeboarding / Wakesurfing

Ready to run your fingers through the waves? Wakeboarding and wakesurfing utilize wakes and waves for a ride similar to surfing, snowboarding or even skateboarding. With wakeboarding, the rider’s feet are strapped on a board and they are connected to the boat the entire ride as they hold on to a rope. With wakesurfing, the rider stands on a board freely, similar to surfing, except they can ride for extended periods of time as they ride the waves created by the boat.

Jet Skiing

Whilst “Jet Ski” is a particular brand name, it’s often used to generically refer to high-octane, personal watercrafts. You know the ‘water motorcycle‘ that first made it into pop culture via the 1977 James Bond movie, The Spy Who Loved Me? That. Your water workout need not be strenuous if you take relaxing breaks in between aboard your luxury vessel with M Yachts. Customize your boat to include water sports like wakeboarding and jet skiing using buy one get one free offers from the ENTERTAINER.


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