Hello, New Year. Hello, new decade! If there ever was a time to pause and really think about things you want to do (as opposed to things you have to do, like… uhm, work ??) – this is it. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing some highlights on extraordinary 2020 HK experiences you can enjoy – and save money on, natch – on the ENTERTAINER App.

What have you got on your bucket list?

Bake a ?Unicorn Cake

…or a ?rainbow macaroon, or a ?mermaid’s tail. For real. It’s easier than you think, and it’s guaranteed to make your friends gag once you post the photos on Instagram.

Where: Bakebe
Offer: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Cooking Session
Estimated Savings: HKD200

Feast on Giant Paella

Brunch at this Sai Ying Pun stalwart is a must-try. It has this eye-poppingly enormous paella pan that you literally have to shovel. It can feed an entire village. Well – what else are you waiting for?

Where: La Paloma
Offer: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Weekend Brunch
Estimated Savings: HKD250

?Higher. Faster. Stronger.

OK, we borrowed that slogan from the Olympics? But now’s as good a time as any to push ourselves and test our limits. Yasss, it’s time to give your fitness routine a li’l shake-up. Where better to do it than at HK’s best and safest rock climbing gym?

Where: Verm City
Offer: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Clip & Climb Weekend Pass
Estimated Savings: HKD250

Upgrade Your Groceries

You’re not in uni anymore. If your fridge is still looking a little sad and empty, we’ve got just the thing to “gourmet” it up a bit. Dry-aged meat. Great wines. Fabulous cheeses. Feast your eyes and your belly.

Where: Feather & Bone
Offer: Spend HKD500, Save HKD150

Have Your Teeth Whitened

Present your 2.0 version and live your best life. Flash a smile as bright as sunshine in 2020 and manifest your hopes and dreams. Hey – someone’s looking #blessed.

Where: Smile Center
Offer: 50% Off Classic Teeth Whitening
Estimated Savings: HKD550

Time to get ticking things off your bucket list. Buy the ENTERTAINER Hong Kong 2020 with promo code HUBHK2020 for an extra-special 10% discount + chance to WIN A GOURMET DINNER AT POPINJAYS! 


James Gannaban