The ENTERTAINER Mums Tell All!

In honour of Mother’s Day, we asked three mums (including a lovely Granny) to tell us some of their best/funniest/loveliest experiences while being a mum. And, as you can imagine, their answers were too good not to share with you. Meet some of the mums from the ENTERTAINER!

Jaseela: The Working Mum

Tell us your funniest incident of being a working mum and how you manage to keep up with work and kids.

I have two boys – Ayhaan, who is seven years old, and 15-month-old Ruhaan. I feel it’s very important that we as mothers need to strike a great balance between work and family. Although it sounds easy, it’s certainly a challenge with kids around. At work, I try to focus on the day ahead, but once I’m home, I make sure to stay away from gadgets, and spend time with my kids only. Whenever I look at my little ones, I see miniature versions of myself in them (which is scary, thinking of all the trouble they might get into, and all the situations I may have to sort in the future!)

A funny incident that recently happened in our household was a conversation we had at the dinner table. My husband asked my eldest son, Ayhaan, how many children he would like to have when he grows up, to which he replied ‘I will not marry Dada, never ever, because a lady won’t let me have a doggy in my house’. (I am not a pet friendly person, and he has been requesting for a dog for the past two years – my bad, he thinks his wife will be just like me..!)

I adore my munchkins, and life would just not be the same without them.

Bambi – The Favourite Granny

Tell us about the difference between raising your own kids and your grandchildren.

It’s so unfortunate that I wasn’t really able to raise my own daughter (Janine) as I had left her in my mom’s care when she was only 4 years old (she’s now 28). I came to Bahrain almost 25 years ago to work in a hotel as I was a single mother and had to take care of her needs. But I can say that she was well taken care of by my mom. She has her own family now with two lovely boys (Jeniecko Travis, 9 years old and Jazi Trey, who will turn 2 next week).

I see them every year when I go for a vacation, and that’s when we bond closely. I make sure to call them at least once a week to catch up on their life events. I think the difference between raising my daughter and my grandkids is – I have more patience with the boys no matter how naughty and mischievous they are (while I was strict with my daughter when she was their age). My love for them is on a different level, too. I tend to be more forgiving and kindhearted. Maybe because I’m older (and wiser) now! I love them very much and I always look forward to seeing them every year. They are the reason for my happiness.

Miriam – Mum of Boys

Tell us your funniest incident of being a mum of boys.

Having two boys Lennox, now 5 and Harvey, just turned 2, you can imagine our household – full of laughter and craziness. One of the funniest moments, which put tears in my eyes, was when Lennox had just turned two years old. He didn’t talk at all, only single words, and we tried so hard to make him say a short sentence. To our surprise, the first phrase we heard him say, included a very rude swear word beginning with F! At the moment, he constantly says to me: “Mummy you used to know everything, and now you just know nothing.”

Little Harvey, however, thinks everything is food, so you’ll often find him putting everything into his mouth. He once got hold of the chocolate milk powder in the kitchen, pushed it down from the counter, picked it up and enjoyed it on his little table. When I entered the kitchen, you can just imagine the mess, and his state of happiness!

Happy Mother’s Day – enjoy yourselves, however you’re spending it.