2020 Offers are LIVE!

Did you get any gifts you truly liked these past few weeks? Chances are, you didn’t?? But you know who gives the best gifts? No, not Santa Claus. Besides, he’s now off duty. The answer is ‘you,’ because you bought the ENTERTAINER 2020, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving 7 days a week, all year long. Now, open the gift (by gift, we mean the app), because the ENTERTAINER HK 2020 offers are now LIVE!

Can’t function without a cup of coffee? We’re here for you. Want to enjoy a romantic night at a high-end restaurant? Read on. A bit of a fashion guru, yourself? Find some new residents for your closet…

Here’s a glimpse of what the gift (again, your ENTERTAINER app!) entails:

#DidYouKnow that we launched Express a while ago, and you can enjoy 25% Off Total Bill offers four times (4x!) a month for each participating merchant? It’s best for coffee lovers. And if you’re a coffeeholic, you’ll be pleased to know that 18 Gramsis on Express. Not only do they serve fresh brew from locally-roasted coffee beans. They also make this devilishly delicious Add Oil Coffee Beer Pulled Pork Burger…?

So we got your mornings and afternoons covered to ensure you’ve got the energy to march on at work. Now, you wanna go on a fancy date and treat yo’self to a high end meal. The ENTERTAINER happens to have something that just can satisfy that need, too. Fine-dining spots abound among the ENTERTAINER’s Gourmet offers. One of our favourites is Popinjays at The Murray. A rooftop bar and restaurant, you can soak in the amazing view over some delicious food. They’ve just launched a new menu, too, and we’re salivating over the Wild Sea Bream Ceviche (main featured photo above) with lemon caviar, seaweed salad, wasabi sorbet. Save 25% Off on your total bill here, too.

Most of the time, your body can make do with just a hot cuppa. But sometimes it just screams ‘I want a proper spa treatment!’ And you know you work hard enough to deserve one… a fabulous one! So open your ENTERTAINER, search Spa L’Occitane, and indulge in a 50% Off offer to help bring tranquility to wallet, your body and your soul. You’re welcome.

Now… you got your daily caffeine fix, you’ve booked a romantic date at a fancy restaurant, and your body is humming with delight after a glorious spa treatment. Why not up the level of self-care with a little retail therapy? Let kapok introduce a pop of joy into your wardrobe. Apart from ready-to-wear, they also have a variety of lifestyle products sourced internationally – check out the scented candles. Also irresistible: getting $200 off when you spend $400 or above!

You’re almost all set… Last and final item, hair. The easiest way to spruce up your looks is a colour update. Head over to emmanuel f., a natural, organic, and eco-luxury salon to get a hairstyle overhaul – just in time for Chinese New Year! Save $460 on a 50% Off Organic Colour or Highlights offer.

You’re familiar with the saying, if you want something done right, do it yourself. So do yourself right. Use the ENTERTAINER and save money 7 days a week, all year long. Happy New Year!


Pssst. Offers are exclusive to ENTERTAINER members only. If you’re not yet a member, buy the ENTERTAINER Hong Kong 2020 with promo code HUBHK2020 for an extra-special 10% discount + chance to WIN A GOURMET DINNER AT POPINJAYS!


Milk Cheng