ENTERTAINER 2018 Launch Night At Trader Vic’s

Although we never need an excuse to get together and celebrate, the launch of ENTERTAINER 2018 is certainly a great one! Having earned a fabulous reputation for its exotic food and drinks and sunset views from the pier, Trader Vic’s at the Hilton Doha provided us with the ideal location to all get together, catch up and participate in many have to, vs want to tasks for the chance to win prizes.

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With the fabulous Cuban band playing in the background, our guests were invited to do some brain training with Escape Hunt, who challenged them to figure out how to open their ‘puzzle boxes’ – and tricky it was, as nobody was able to open one! Not only did everyone face mental tasks, they also took part in physical tasks, too. Bootcamp Military Fitness were on hand to order everyone to squat (and then provided them with a week’s worth of fitness classes!) Don”t feel too sorry for the guests though, as they were also treated to their own cupcake decoration sessions from Magnolia Bakery. All that hard work justifies the sweet treats, right?

Don’t worry, we didn’t all go hungry, as we were provided with some delicious food! On the menu was a mix of beef skewers, jalapeno cheese balls, sushi pieces, wasabi prawns, Vietnamese spring rolls, and a variety of desserts such as tarts and macaroons!

Want to know more? Here’s a snapshot of our night!

Once again, a huge thank you to Choowy Goowy for the cookies, The Brew Company for the gorgeous coffee, Let’s Popcorn for the popcorn, Edible Arrangements for the centrepieces, and of course Trader Vic’s for hosting us and helping us to make the event a huge success. It’s fair to say it was a fab night had by all!