Meeting kapok’s Arnault Castel

As the argument for mindful fashion continues to gather more steam, we caught up with kapok founder, Arnault Castel, at the Sun Street branch.

kapok was founded in 2006 with a goal to discover and bring “future classics” to Asia. The concept has grown from the first lifestyle select store in Hong Kong, to an internationally renowned brand for its authentic yet approachable take on fashion and design. Its six shops in HK and two in Singapore showcase well curated, high-quality lifestyle products for urban dwellers.

“future classics” (yes, lower case) has since grown beyond kapok’s ethos, into an independent line. Its pieces constitute kapok’s vision of the perfect wardrobe for the Asian climate and way of life. It’s casual wear built to withstand trends – the antidote to fast fashion. Most of the items are made from cotton, making them sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable. Perhaps most refreshing of all, they’re gender-free.

During our interview, kaapok’s effervescent Frenchman shared  his HK story with us. He also had valuable pieces of advice for budding creative entrepreneurs.

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James Gannaban