7 things to look forward to post lockdown

Bad vibes. Bad vibes everywhere.

But it doesn’t have to be. While we hibernate and stay safe at home, we can always look forward to the good things the future holds for us. Not to be dramatic, but there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.

When we reach the end of the tunnel. Source: GIPHY

Here’s what we’re going to be up to at the ENTERTAINER when the time comes!

#1 The biggest fam bam brunch

We’re planning to hit up Bungalow37 for a pretty outdoor brunch with our favourite people. Nestled in the quiet part of Bangsar, the colonial bungalow-restaurant offers delicious Western and Asian cuisine with an amazing view of the Bangsar skyline. We’re especially excited to try the tempeh and mushroom risotto and unique kacang tumbuk ice cream for dessert!

#2 Spa time with mum

We might not be doing much at home during our #DudukRumah days, but everybody still deserves a treat after doing our part to stop the outbreak. That’s why we’re planning a big spa day with our mums. At Cherry K Beauty, they’ve got over 15 services from head to toe and well-trained beauticians to pamper you all day. We’ll definitely be cashing in on our ENTERTAINER deal here.

When you ask if your mom’s going to behave with you in public. Source: GIPHY

#3 Celebratory drinks with our pals

It’s always Gin o’clock at our new beloved retro spot in Section 17 – Mrs Jones’ Parlour, and there’s nowhere else we’d rather be for amazing gin cocktails, Bohemian-style décor, and a quiet conversation with your friends. The selection of gin comes from different countries around the world like Japan, Slovenia and even Finland. Join us for a drink!

#4 Road trip to Malacca

Oh, Malacca! It’s been too long, hasn’t it? We’re missing the food (ayam pongteh please), Jonker street walks and of course, cendol. We already have our routine in mind. Number 1: Get our Peranakan fix at Nancy’s Kitchen (LAKSAAAAA). Number 2: Pop by Second Floor Coffee House for a quick coffee break. Number 3: Enjoy cocktail hour along the Malacca River with drinks at the lovely hidden speakeasy, The Old Merchant.

Source: ShopBack

#5 Belanja friends you haven’t seen in ages

It’s been awhile since you’ve seen many of your besties in the flesh, so what better way to say hello again than with a nice treat? Meet up with them and surprise them with a meal. Don’t worry, you don’t have to break the bank for this. The ENTERTAINER’s got your back with our 1-for-1 deals. Just bust out your app, choose a spot, and go.

Really, friends. We’re paying for ya. Source: GIPHY

#6 Go for a walk

A WALK! It’s something sooo simple but totally taken for granted until all this time at home. So, it’s definitely on our list of must-dos! But with us, you know it’s never going to be a regular walk – we’re going to sneak in a little ice cream too. Crème De la Crème will be our top pick with their natural ingredients and amazing flavours like Musang King, French Earl Grey and yummy Black Forest. *swoons*

#7 Catch up over coffee

Not sure about you but by this point, we’ve had our fair share of Dalgona coffee, and we’re up for some barista-grade latte and cappuccino. More than that, we’re totally missing café time, enjoying our coffee sessions with friends or with a book. So, after all this is over, we’ll be hanging out at Extraction Café, sipping on our coffee of choice, enjoying 25% off our total bill. See you there? 🙂

Each one of these things may feel small and simple, but they’re going to make us feel ten times better when we finally get to do it, especially with the people we haven’t seen in a while.


We hope our list brings you some positivity during your #DudukRumah days as you dream about what you’ll be doing really soon. Stay safe everyone!